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    Uncle Roach Clip's First Ever Grow Journal: GG#4 Auto

    Greetings to my first grow journal. I provide a summary of the relevant specs at the end if you want to skip over all the details, which I provide here just for context. About me: this technically the 2nd solo grow I've ever done, but it might as well be my first. In 2001-2 I tried to guerilla...
  2. Swagymcfly88

    Swagymcfly's White Widow Auto Journal

    Hello to all I'm starting my first journal so all tip and pointers are more then welcome:p #of plants: 1 Breeder: crop king seeds Strain: white widow auto Indica/sativa: 60% indica 30% sativa 10% ruderalis Medium: 1/3 super soil and 2/3 promix Veg/flower: veg week 3 Lighting: 2000watt led...
  3. Forbidden Fruit week 4

    Forbidden Fruit week 4

    I've been cleaning her out every couple of days. It is amazing how dense this plan is. Or was.
  4. R

    New Grower Looking For Advice

    Hi, I'm a brand-new grower looking for tips and advice on how to produce a strong, solid yield for my first time. I noticed how friendly and willing to hand out advice everyone on here seems, and I figured that you all would be able to share some wisdom with me. I currently have 16 seeds in...
  5. Lady Vadalon

    Happy To Be Back Growing

    Start Date is December 30, 2015 What strain is it? Berry Bomb Autoand something else? Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis :cheer2:This is what is suppose to happen if I can do everything right. Plant Height: Medium (70-120cm) THC: High (15-20%) Yield: High (300-350g/m²) Indoor/Outdoor...
  6. Prop19

    Prop19's Indoor/Outdoor 1st Grow Journal

    Hey Guys, I finally registered! After a while of reading other peoples' journals and entries i decided to join in the fun! This is my first attempt at growing so I have plenty to learn. Hopefully the people here at 420 magazine can help me along my journey! Thanks for stopping by and checking...
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