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    i need advice on lighting

    hi, i'm new here. My name is rudi, i'm from holland where marijuana is illegal, but tolerated. I want to try my first grow in my own house, i will use a room that is 3m2 by 4m2 and about 2.2 meters high. The first thing i need to sort out is the light, what lights should i use? In my case i need...
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    Inda Gro Induction Lamp

    Saves up to 70% in electrical loads Emits 95% PAR usable light Excellent canopy penetration Faster rooting of clones and seedlings Long life lamps and drivers *60,000 hour 10 year warranty Highest lumens per watt of any induction lamp manufactured Single lamp for vegetative through flowering...
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    I Beam induction

    Is anyone out there using the I beam? Are you using for veg and flower or just flower? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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