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    The Widow - Closet Grow

    So, I just started my second grow with some fresh babies from gorilla seeds! Just briefly: my experience with them was great, 7 days from order to received, id give the stealth shipping an 8 out of 10. Got a few autos (girl scout, lemon) decided to start with the widow (feminized) Anyway...
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    Hello from the himalayas

    In the middle of great himalayan range, lies a small, beautiful yet under developed nation called Nepal. Since this forum is based on discussion about cannabis, i will skip the intro and jump to the desired section. Cannabis was introduced in this region very long ago. Nepal was founded on...
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    Help appreciated! First time grower!

    Hey everybody, i got myself a closet grow recently. I have a total of 9 sprouts (about 2 days old) in small white Styrofoam cups under 2 (8 inch florescent glow lights) each say its to 60 watt but only uses 15 watts (has a kind of purpleish blueish glow). Plus i have a 40 watt flexible lamp...
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    100% Virgin Grower

    Fellow citizens to 420Nation. Fellow Tokers. Lets first start by :rollit:....ok: The time has finally come for my first ever attempt at a grow. I have spent the past month or so poking around 420magazine.com reading each one of your grow journals. :reading420magazine: It was each one of you...
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