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  1. Ron Strider

    Most Americans Don't Think Marijuana Causes More Crashes

    Americans could be downplaying the risks of smoking pot and driving. While most U.S. adults, or 91 percent, view driving under the influence of marijuana as dangerous and 87 percent said the practice makes one a hazard to others on the road, only 40 percent viewed weed as contributing to...
  2. Ron Strider

    Marijuana And Driving: 33% Of Teens Think It's Legal. Some Think It Isn't Dangerous

    A third of teens think smoking marijuana and driving is legal, according to a new study. Out of 2,800 teens surveyed, 33% said driving under the influence of marijuana is legal in states where it's recreational. More than 20% of teens reported it's common among their friends. Parent...
  3. S

    How Does Light Distance Influence Plant Growth?

    ok, so ive been reading forums on many different sites, and ive learned a hell of alot! But with this rapid influx of knowledge comes zero first hand experience... i also have a learning disability and often struggle to understand, and use the knowledge properly I've struggled hard with...