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  1. Growingasmile

    Grape Presidential

    I bought a clone at a local dispensary but I can not find any info on it online and the dispense is keeping its secrets anyone ever hear of it?
  2. Slinks

    Where can I find info on RDWC?

    So ive found lots of how I built my rdwc system plan info but not much about the science... What I want to know is the science behind pipe sizes, bucket sizes, benefits of epicentre, length of pipe in relation to flow etc. I need more technical info rather than just plans so I can look at...
  3. H

    Novice grower

    brand new to this and i am looking to grow a few plants inside. i am on a very tight budget so therefore looking for a low cost set up. any info would be greatly appreciated. also what seeds are best for not giving a person a ravenous appetite after smoking? ty
  4. N

    Any legal commercial cultivators out there?

    Hello, I am looking for some info on commercial cultivation. I live in the legal state of California and am looking for info/consulting for growing outdoor commercially this year. Not legal help but I have no clue where to purchase hoophouses, plants, soil, supplies or the like. Any info would...
  5. M

    12/12 lighting - New grower needs info

    Can any one help need to know when best time to switch to 12/12 lighting and should I drop 2 hours at a time heard it was better
  6. Grow Meds

    Please help ID this strain

    I got some seeds from a Peace Naturals Nyce n EZ container of pre-ground. I grew out a few and really like the rich purple leaves and the effect of the medication. Since the PN product has no strain info I was hoping that someone could help me identify this strain. TIA
  7. S


    hello everyone, great site and great info.
  8. G

    Quick Northern Lights Question

    I jist started my first crop in over 8 years. I chose northern lights fem from Nirvana but i can't find any real info on it. So my question is since northern lights is a heavy main cola producer does she take well to topping? I know some strains dont like it and i have never grown northern...
  9. S

    Blue Dream outdoors - First time need some info

    I'm about two weeks into flowering and they look small and not very many trichomes around or near it yet. Is there anything special to feed them during flowering stage? Last year I get some super ig outdoors and turned out to be airy and used some super bloom but that's it. I will put some pics...
  10. fivethirty

    Secret info inside

  11. B

    Recirculating DWC deficiency?

    look below....sorry for the inconvenience. Been a while since I have been on the site. trying to familiarize myself all over again. Thanks for the help!
  12. M

    Nutes and fungi & pest control in EU

    Hello, major population of this forum prob lives across the ocean from me so most of the existing threads have info about Nutrients and Control tolls i have no access to. My site to buy from so far seems to be -hydroponics e u ( if somone knows better in eu please info) Now i need 2...
  13. B

    outdoor organic nutrient info needed...

    I'm trying to do a minimal till, organic outdoor grow, with various strains. I got a soil test done through my local extension office, but I need to know what optimal levels look like, so I may compare my numbers and make the appropriate adjustments. Anybody here know where that info may be...
  14. Gardenseed

    Mr. Leo Greens Soil Base Super Lemon Haze

    Info Name - Lemon Haze Strain - Sativa Hybrid System- Seed & Loam Grow room- 8'x6'x7' Light- HPS 2x 600w Extraction - 6" Carbon filter air scruber Ventilation - 3500 btu Air Conditioning unit Cycles Begin 2016-12-15 Germinate - 10 days, Lighting - 4' dual T8 fluorescent 24 hours on 4...
  15. GrizzWald


    Can't find any info, Id think somebody would have tried.. dusting roots with ga3 (along with Mycorrhizae... ithink worth an experiment.. I'll give this a go with next seedlings I get going.. love some info if there is any out there..
  16. odinsmaster

    Need some support, Leafs curling up around edges

    My plants still showing little growth, but now they are starting curl up at the ends. First thought, to much perlite and maybe i need to start a quarter dose of notes. The plants are 23 days old. I have all the info in my journal for my 2nd grow, check it out and post in there if you would...
  17. C

    Hello there everyone! Very new here - Bear with me

    I am very new at posts, and post,ingg, etc. soooo i will try HARD to pick all this, UP.. I am a 10 month cannibis user, and i really LOVE the benefits of s.thing all natural etc. i had NOOO idea of the massive benefits of just the tip of the burg' of cannibis. soo i hope, i will...
  18. D

    Scrog help

    Ok so I have a tent 6x6x5 fusion hut and I'm trying to put a scrog netting in it. I am finding this difficult for a few reasons. Any suggestions would be great. What is best to make it out of I spent 100$ in 1 inch pvc pipe, to find out its to thin and bendable and the string warps the frame...
  19. H

    Sulfur burn 4×4 tent

    Im looking for anyone with any experience or info with using a sulfur burner in a 4×4 tent. My current grow I have 4 plants scrogged under a 600watt hps. Im 37 days into flower. For the last week or so my humidity has been high 80's because I had a couple fans crap out on me and my new ones...
  20. S

    Feminized Dark Angel

    I am a first time grower and have tried using the search button to find as much info on growing this strain but to no avail. I need to know from germinating to veg to flowering. distance to the plants at different stages (weeks?) for my CFL lighting setup. I have been buying my medical...
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