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    Coconut oil infused first run two hrs on at 160f next time will leave for 6 hrs and decarb big longer . But man does to smell so good .
  2. Ron Strider

    MA: Man Charged With Transporting Marijuana Infused Beverages

    Police in Massachusetts have arrested a Maine man they say was transporting more than 1,000 bottled beverages infused with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the high. Erving police say Simon Wiinikainen of Starks, Maine, was pulled over Wednesday for driving 62 mph in a 40...
  3. leeyong

    Cannabis infused oil for Arthritis

    Hello Everyone ! I whant to know that is there any information on the use of cannabis infused oils or any other product that helps with Arthritis?
  4. Ron Strider

    Jamaica: Ban On Cannabis Infused Edibles Retrograde Step - Ganja Association

    The Ganja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica said the recent ban on the sampling and sale of all cannabis infused edibles at entertainment events is a retrograde step and not one forthcoming with the emergence of Jamaica's cannabis industry and the development of the human resource...
  5. E

    Medicated Rolling Papers?

    There is a well known company in Cali that produce medicated papers... I won't mention the name as I'm not sure it's allowed. I was just wondering if anyone at all knows the process they use to infuse the papers with the extract? I really want to make my own!
  6. W

    Cannabis infused cream & Vitiligo

    Hello & Good day!! Is there any information on the use of cannabis infused creams or any other product that helps with Vitiligo?
  7. S

    Is a license needed to sell CBD infused products? Little or no THC in Florida

    Many friends of mine are using the benefits of CBD oil and other infused products to help alleviate pain and other chronic diseases. I'm considering opening an online store to distribute these products to the public - either buy them wholesale and sell them for a profit or find a company that...
  8. MrMiracleGro

    THC infused Syrup - Coco-cannaoil?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any recipes they would like to share regarding THC infused syrup/drink? I have tons of experience making edibles (brownies) and I simply, after decarbing, infuse my coconut oil w/ my extracts.. Is there a method that you can use to simply use that as the base? The...
  9. D

    Cannabis infused in alcohol liqueur recipe

    I make moonshine, so I have lots of high proof alcohol, I grow backyard PK for my GF, would like to combine the two hobbies into making a spiced run type liqueur recipe. does anyone have one to recommend or a web site link. DW.