1. F

    Does the high matter?

    Hi, is the high relevant if using c-oil to cure cancer? I'm thinking of not mixing my oil with olive oil as it seems to increase the potency of it, meaning my mum has to ingest less. So, I figure don't mix it with olive oil, it's made weaker, she can ingest more. Sound logical?
  2. F

    Eating wax?

    Hello everyone, my vape recently malfunctioned and I was wondering if anyone knew if it's possible to ingest wax? If so, any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  3. BlissfulToker

    How many doses from a Half Oz?

    Im planning to make brownies out of a half oz of of good kush. Seeing as i've never made brownies before, approximately how many doses would be in a batch made with a half oz? I would deem an appropriate dose strength to be the equivalent of 2 joints smoked ( but of course LASTING longer...
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