1. Ron Strider

    UK: Merchant Seaman Started Growing Cannabis After Suffering Hand Injury At Work

    A merchant seaman who suffered a serious hand injury while hauling in an anchor grew cannabis to help cope with the pain. Stuart Dooley was caught growing the drug in three different rooms of a house he rented in Brixham after police were called to a minor disturbance at the address. The...
  2. Lady G2HM

    Completed Sunshine On A Brainy Day — PS Dwarf Star Lights Up My Life

    Sunshine On A Brainy Day — PS Dwarf Star Lights Up My Life Can you believe we have been sharing this journey for a year already? There is no stopping this momentum now. If you are wise to my jive, then you will recognize my mission and symptoms. But much has changed in the grow department...
  3. Ronin

    hello everyone

    Hello my name is Yuuma Kobayashi, but on the internet i'm Ronin. I'm a second generation Japanese Canadian, meaning my parents were born in Japan and I wasn't. Or something like that. Anyway, my introduction to cannabis is not a good story. At an early age I began a very physical athletic...
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