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  1. A

    Nute question

    Ff, Gringo Rasta is it a good additive, alongside my Base newt for stellar Veg Growth? Anyone's input on their results when using this product .
  2. S

    Past Harvest time?

    Hey, so I ordered a jeweller's loupe and it hasn't arrived yet. I am beginning to think it is time to harvest though. Could somebody provide some input on these images I've taken? They're as clear as I could get of the trichomes with my camera. Think I am into the THC to CBN stage yet? I just...
  3. Lilface2016

    New member - First grow Lilface 16

    Does anyone have any suggestions?? Your help and input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and happy growing!!
  4. mouser

    CLU048-1212C4-353H5K2 Tray: 3500K COB LED Version 5 Pros/Cons/Thoughts?

    They are about 1/2 (or less) the price of comparable Vero29 chips.....any input?
  5. Van Stank

    New member and 1st time grower

    Hey all, Van Stank here, I have been a reader for a while now and love the magazine. Finally bit the bullet and decided to do my 1st grow and get active in threads and posts. I love all the advice and input I see from all the members and the fact that there isn't any of the degrading name...
  6. totalnoob

    Recomended strains for outdoor in northeast?

    First time grower with a preference for sativa type effects. We will be starting indoors and moving outside after the last frost. Looking for something that finishes early. Have my eye on Kalashnikova from GHS. Says it finishes late Sept for northern climates. Anybody have any input on that...
  7. S

    Would love some input to new grow area

    Hey guy I've read n read this pages for month and it's a bloody ripper. . Have learnt to much and I really enjoy the grow journals can't wait to do my own. I've always dabbled with outdoor grows but am looking at setting up a new indoor tent grow. Not to interested in brands as I get people...
  8. Sypherz

    Thinking of going to DWC hydro growing

    Hi everyone.. I've been researching dwc hydroponics and I am thinking of making the transition from soil.. I understand the concept and everything.. I'm just curious on what are the pros and cons of dwc vs growing in soil.. any input from people that run dwc is greatly appreciated.. any input is...
  9. StupidNoob

    AN vs Flora - Opinions?

    First of all, sorry if this has been asked before. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, you know. I ask because they(GH) also included nutrients (didn't realize they were going to do that) in with the dwc bucket I bought. I currently use AN's Sensi Grow A/B w/ good results. I was hoping to get...
  10. R

    Anyone have success with Aquaponics?

    Thinking dutch buckets or grow beds. I don't see this working well with a raft system. Input?
  11. N

    Grow light - Which is better?

    Could you use a LED shop light to grow seedlings and clones ? It is 49 watts with 4800 lumens and 4200k. Or would a T12 cool white 40 watt be better for starting plants? Thanks for all replies and looking forward to all the input.
  12. D

    Outdoor to indoor?

    Hey all, looking for some input before I waste valuable beans with harebrained ideas: Has anyone started a grow potted outdoors then moved to indoor? Does the drop in light intensity have lasting negative impacts, or does the time spent in natural light provide a headstart? Thanks everyone, I...
  13. Lazarus13

    Calcium question

    I'm growing in dwc on a budget. I have epsom salts for mag but am wondering about calcium. I found some chelated calcium supplements at the drug store the other day and was wondering if those would work? Anyone have any input on this idea?
  14. R

    Input on nutes while using Ocean Forest soil

    If I'm doing DP Frisian Dew in Ocean Forest soil, when do you think I should start adding nutes? I'm on day 9 of veg. I've only been watering with Distilled + Cal Mag at this point and watering every 3-4 days or as needed. Thanks for any input. Nutes I have are ADV Nutes 3 part grow/ bloom/...
  15. G

    Help - Leaves are wilting and light colored

    Hey this is my third grow and ive never had this issue...so any input would be greatly appreciated.
  16. K

    Hi - I'm kbudz

    hi all im kbudz from scotland was just a browser to start with but was reading ure reviews on strains im at present growing which are strawberry blue l s d and dr kripplings incredible bulk im sure i will b needing input at later stages but all is looking good at the moment the dr kripp has 3...
  17. I

    First Time Growing & Using Grow Box - Advice Welcome

    Hi, I'm Teedy. This is my first attempt at growing cannabis. Don't really know what I'm doing but my seeds are doing really well, I think. I've uploaded pictures of th soil and pots that I am using. I'm also using a growbox that I've made. Very proud of how that turned out to say I'm a newbie...
  18. W

    Serious question, need some advice

    Hello, thank you all in advance for your input. I was a very heavy smoker, multiple times daily for over a decade. I had a good amount of time for warning before my test so i stopped smoking about 2 months ago and thought i would be ok, however i just bought a home drug test and FAILED. My test...
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