1. insect eggs

    insect eggs

    found on plant, anyone know what they are/
  2. Zimbo 63

    My very budget grow room

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I've introduced myself, so now I'll go on to talk about my setup which cost about $50 to build... My "tent" is a wooden structure (w) 80 cm x (l) 1m x (h) 1.5 m - the dimensions were chosen so that it will fit through a std. door. I closed it with materials...
  3. CBDbud

    Weird Bug

    Hello all, Anyone know what kind'a bug this is? I've never seen any harm by this kind, but to be honest, I'm not really sure if it's beneficial or not. Any help would be appreciated... :smokin2:
  4. I

    Nasty leaves on outdoor GG plant! Help!

    This is my 2nd time growing and have been spotting a bunch of shit on my leaves compared to my other 4 plants. They’re all the same size and grown in the same place but this one has little black dots of shit from insects and has white residue stuck on it. Today is the first time I look in really...
  5. Hambone555

    I need some help please! Insects, pests and/or nutrient problems

    Hi guys, I noticed a few things on my babies this weekend not sure what step to take next. The one circled in yellow, it’s kind of grey in colour... not sure why. My environment isn’t humid at all. On good days it’s between 50% and 63% humidity. (But today it’s at 40% MAX) this is with a...
  6. H

    Possible Infestation! Need Advice!

    I went to check on my plants that are 5 days old and I find a couple of these things in the pots. Anyone know what they are and how I can get rid of them?
  7. T

    Praying Mantis

  8. T

    New Dutch growing having some problems

    Hey guys i,m new to the growing and to this forum sorry if it is not the right place to make this thread couldn,t find it to do anywere else the the introduction forum. Besides that I have a question about my plant i have it standing outside in my garden it is not the ideal spot for light it got...
  9. S

    I have a problem - Please

    What are these things on the leaf? We have airing problem. Is it about the airing or insects?
  10. LittleCat

    Cannabis companion plants to keep pests in check!

    Today i have some extra time so i decided to compile all the useful plants you could keep around cannabis in order to keep pests at bay. I guess this will be more useful to outdoor growers, but cant hurt to keep some in the pot inside :) So below ill put the names of the plants, and pests that...
  11. D

    Help! What is the problem with my plants?

    Hey everyone!!! I am a first time grower and I was quite happy with how my plants have been doing so far up until a few weeks ago. They're nice and strong, only found 1 male out of 8 plants, i think that the females are about to flower and the weather has been great this summer (an alien...
  12. S

    Outdoor Grows: Companion Planting

    I have not yet seen a post that discusses the possibility of adding companion plants to a Cannabis grow. Does anyone have experience with incorporating companion plants among Cannabis? Are there some plants that will mitigate insect issues? Are there some plants that may improve soil...
  13. W

    Companion growing

    Quite by accident I have found that when I planted sunflowers in my outdoor garden plot to form a screen I was also benefiting my crop. After my third year outdoor in the eastern California desert I have had exactly zero problems with insects of any kind. Just recently I read that sunflowers...
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