inside growing

  1. Old Ron

    Moving Indoors: First Grow Inside

    I started my first grow ever outside. When I wound up with 21 plants from the 20 seeds I dropped I figured at least half would be males and some of the twins will die. 6 weeks later I am scrambling to hide 21 plants on my deck and still get sun. So, I set up a grow room with used equipment I...
  2. anotherstoner670

    Will this be okay for a simple sprout only grow room?

    Hi, I'm a new grower and I was just wondering if this was an okay setup for a grow room just for sprouts, I wasn't going for anything special I opened my closet mirror and I decided to make this, I'm not sure if it'll be fine. All I have is a light setup and thats about it, nothing special added...
  3. 9

    Computer case grow project help

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum so I hope I'm posting in the right place. But, I'm starting my first inside grow. And I want to do it in a large computer case I've had sitting around. I currently have a power supply and a intake fan on the front and 2 exhaust fans. My question is if I...
  4. H

    Hello Friends & Growers

    Hello friends and growers. You can call me harley24. I am an experienced grower, and i say that because i am not new to growing. I have tried many strains and prefer inside growing over anything else. I grow in soil, with a mixture of organic peat, perlite and worm castings. I like to use the...
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