1. D

    Germination Dry Out

    I soaked my seeds for 18 hours in water then placed them in a paper towel. they showed taproots and looked fine. went to work and came back and the paper towel was completely dry. i then had my ph balances rock wool cubes and put the seeds inside there and inside my humidity dome with my...
  2. M

    Which seed

    Need some advice on my grow, Whats best autoflowering seed to go for under a 600w hps light in soil inside a trojan gold 10 tent (1m2 2m tall). How many could i fit inside the tent am going for yield. Any advice is appreciated Mr A Bud
  3. Ron Strider

    UK: Police Pulled Over Car And Found £2,000 Of Cannabis Inside

    Police pulled over a car with a faulty brake light in Torquay and found almost £2,000 worth of drugs inside. Half a dozen wraps of cannabis were stuffed inside a Tesco bag in the passenger footwell, magistrates in Newton Abbot were told. There was also a smaller amount in a plastic box by...
  4. Ron Strider

    SC: Statesville Man Charged With Trafficking Marijuana

    Iredell deputies say their months-long investigation into the trafficking of marijuana by using mail delivery services has yielded another arrest. David Allen Smith, 40, was arrested on Wednesday after deputies searched his home near Statesville and found numerous containers they say were...
  5. S

    Need help with growing inside - Possible over watering

    I need help with my plants. They keep wilting going yellow and dying or looking like somone snapped the stem. I have a temporary hanging double sided open bulb and a lamp in between an emergency blanket on cardboard on both sides to use as reflectors. The plants are in pots in a cardboard box...
  6. Freedom66

    Mars Pro Cree 256 LED - Outside to Inside - Plants Clawed - Nutes?

    Folks I'm in need of what I think is nute advice perhaps.... Have two girls that were growing outside and looking strong and beautiful. A couple of weeks before flowering I moved them inside and into a Mars Hydro 4'x4'x7' tent and using a new Mars Pro Cree 256 LED light. Had been saving and...
  7. Ron Strider

    FL: Dozens Of Marijuana Plants Found Inside Home

    Detectives arrested a Pinellas Park man after they found 36 marijuana plants inside a St. Petersburg home Wednesday. St. Petersburg Police Vice and Narcotics detectives executed a search warrant on a home in the 5600 block of Burlington Avenue North, shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday, according...
  8. H

    Hello to you all! I'm going to start posting my journals! Any contributions welcome!

    :thanks::thanks:: Brand new at posting. Some of your guys'/gals help has been priceless. Hopin to start posting my grow journals. I have grown outdoors, and in green houses for ages. There is always more to learn and pass on.... This is a great spot!! Have had indoor gardens from AK...
  9. S

    I need help lowering the humidity in grow tent

    I have a 5' x 5' x 7' mylar lined grow tent. I have the tent in my storage building. The building is a simple storage building without AC. The tent is in the building and I ran duct work from inside the tent and vented it outside the building. I then placed an inline fan within the duct and...
  10. fivethirty

    Secret info inside

  11. G

    Hello from Southern Oregon

    First time grower at age 32. I have a random seed I was hanging onto for a few months. My plant just turned 3 weeks yesterday. I have done nothing to it yet but add water. It is starting to get to hot outside. I want to bring her, hopefully a her, inside. I have joined this forum to gain...
  12. B

    Best way to setup fan/carbon filter to get rid of smell inside and outside tent

    Here is my setup: 4x2 grow tent 6x16 carbon flter Ventech 440cfm inline fan I will have 3 plants inside the tent flowering, and 6 plants outside the tent vegging. Currently the fan is setup inside the tent, exhaust running outside the house, but the plants outside the tent and drying...
  13. I

    2 Grow Tents Inside Sealed Room - Help

    Hey there, I am attempting to set up a sealed grow room with 2 grow tents inside (flower & veg). Does anyone have any experience/advice with this? When operating 2 tents inside a larger sealed grow room, I want to add co2 (from a tank). Should I run my plastic plastic tubing into each tent...
  14. P


    Last few weeks, I've noticed a LOT of condensation on the inside of my grow tent. The inside of the tent is basically soaked. What causes this? is this bad? If so, how do I stop? The tent is pretty much all closed up. I opened one of the vents last night, but if it helped, it helped only...
  15. Goat Cheese

    Fabric Pots & Standing Water

    I have my dehumidifier outside my grow tent set to 50%, the relative humidity inside my tent is usually in the low 40 percentile. When I water my plants, I put the fabric pot down inside a boot tray, water and let sit for a minute or two before putting back in the tent. If I watered inside my...
  16. BLGrower

    Biggest Little Cannabis Grow: White Widow x Big Buds

    What's up guys you can call me Biggest Little Grower or BLG for short. My goal with this grow journal is not only to meet some new people but hopefully expand on my cannabis growing knowledge. Please leave feed back in form of positive comments or constructive criticism. Thanks for checking it...
  17. J

    4x4 - LED - Grow Tent - Ventilation & Irrigation Set Up - Advice Welcome

    Hi Everyone, I am a new member and a new grower beginning my first real indoor set up. I just have a couple questions on set up and was curious to some recommended methods. My tent is a 4x4x7 I am using 1 400 watt LED combined with 2 240 watt LEDs, and hopefully adding another 240 watt or 450...
  18. F

    What is the best way to set up my new 4x8 tent with 2 600 lights

    I just upgraded to a new 4x8 tent and I have one cool tube 600 watt light and another 600 watt without the tube. I have a 6 inch hurricane exhaust fan and I am wondering what is the best way to set up my tent. - Do I put the exhaust fan inside the tent or outside pulling the air? -One end...
  19. HemiSync

    Moving a planted flowering girl inside?

    I have a photo girl that was started in a 3 gallon fabric pot in a greenhouse and during preflower was planted in a nice sunny location outside still in the fabric pot. These fabric pots are the type that won't last more than about 18 months outside. I am sure this girl has probably grown...
  20. S


    Hi folks, I have a few plants in veg, app 3 months old. They are inside in a tent. I'm wondering if I moved them outside right now, early October, if I'd get the same results as I would leaving them inside & going 12/12. I'm in S. Ca. Thanks
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