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  1. M

    How Much Longer? Is She Ready Soon?

    Hi there, I have here my very first grow using an NYC Diesel, so I have very little insight as to whether my first plants are near completion. I don't have any magnification at the moment to be able to tell how milky the Trichomes are (have a jewellers loup in the mail for a closer look)...
  2. S

    Can someone tell me what's happening to my girl?

    I am going on the 4th week of flowering and the leaves and smaller buds on the bottom of the plant are dying(hairs disappear and is left with a scentless bud) and its spreading to the top of the plant. My guess is that it is either a salt build up problem or a P and K deficiency. Can someone...
  3. fanleaf

    Does Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk/Money Maker/White Widow x Big B live up?

    Hi guys and gals I'm prepping for my next run. It will be my first Hi Brix grow. I'm trying to decide on a few strains I haven't ran before so looking for those who have grown these for some insight. Dr Krippling incredible Bulk, does it live up to the name? I top, crop and LST and provide...