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  1. L


    Husband has been suffering from insomnia for years. What strain would help with this.
  2. HashGirl

    Need Suggestions

    What are some good strains that work for both insomnia and pain relief?
  3. HashGirl

    Muerte Review - Indica

    I added approximately one bud of Muerte to my new water bong and smoked it over the past 2 hours or so and I do feel very mellow and not as out of it as I often do when I get high. Definitely a good mellow high. It was bought for insomnia and anxiety issues. I definitely think this will help...
  4. Narcissus

    New member searching for the insights of an experienced grower!

    Hi my name's "Narcissus" & it's a pleasure to meet all of you. I just joined this community because I've just begun my first grow (2 Dutch Passion Blueberry, 2 EZ-Ryder, 1 Auto-Flowering Critical Jack, & 1 Blue Widow/Venom). My Setup: I'm using 2-105w CFL's (full spectrum - 5500 lumens) &...
  5. HB Rob

    Insomnia with anti-depressants. Worth trying medical weed?

    Hey there everyone. This is my first post on the forum and I'd love some more experienced opinions on my situation. I've recently been written a Lexapro prescription by my psychiatrist to combat depression that runs in the family. It has worked fantastically to improve my mood, but it's...
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