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  1. Ron Strider

    Mexican Man Arrested Trying To Smuggle $250 Grand Worth Of Weed Into Texas

    A Mexican national was arrested Saturday afternoon after he tried smuggling 310 pounds of marijuana into the United States through a port of entry in El Paso, officials said. The drugs, which have an estimated street value of $248,000, were allegedly hidden in the bed, rear wall and door of...
  2. K

    AK: Juneau's First Cannabis Farm Passes State Inspection

    Juneau, Alaska - Juneau's first state-certified commercial cannabis farm is up and running with plans to start selling their products as soon as October. Rainforest Farms received a final inspection and was certified to begin full-scale production on Friday. Brothers James and Giono Barrett...
  3. R

    NM: Sporadic Medical Cannabis Inspections Leave A Lot To The Imagination

    In New Mexico, state regulated programs are usually subject to rigorous inspection procedures, ensuring operations adhere to certain standards. After a review of public records by NM Political Report it appears that an often controversial state program may not applying rigorous standards to...