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  1. Lady G2HM

    Neuro Genesis Study To Grow Dreams & Meds

    Neuro Genesis Study to Grow Dreams & Meds — Brainiacs
:Love: :welcome:Presented by Lady G — Jr. Grow-A-Brain Scientist ;) hahahaha
:welcome: (Loves to laugh and has already studied over 7500hrs since Sept 2015 as a Brain Patient) Best picture from my last Kushy Kush harvest...
  2. Lady G2HM

    Growing Against Alzheimers - A Purely Organic Experience

    Growing Against Alzheimer’s - A Purely Organic Experience Happy Brain-aversary! :high-five: It was 2 years ago this month that I experienced a brain attack which changed the way I think forever. And it’s been 1 year of fulltime rehabilitation that included Cognitive Behaviour Therapy classes...
  3. Lady G2HM

    Sunshine On A Brainy Day — PS Dwarf Star Lights Up My Life

    Sunshine On A Brainy Day — PS Dwarf Star Lights Up My Life Can you believe we have been sharing this journey for a year already? There is no stopping this momentum now. If you are wise to my jive, then you will recognize my mission and symptoms. But much has changed in the grow department...
  4. SweetSue

    The Path

    Photo by Patrick Yuen I recently came to understand that we're all born with an inner guide. It doesn't really matter what you choose to call that guide, just that you acknowledge its existence and your willingness to engage it in play. When I'm in alignment with my inner guide there's an...