1. Ron Strider

    Hemp Insulation Being Used In Lexington House Project

    Hemp enthusiasts are working on the first house to be insulated with hemp grown in Kentucky. During a workshop on Friday in Lexington, participants made insulation for a house under construction on York Street. Kris Nonn, director of design and construction at North Limestone Community...
  2. O


    Hello, I'm new to the forums and have a pretty big issue. My boss gave me the opportunity to live in a really nice house. However the catch was, that the entire basement was a grow OP. All of it is for medical purposes and perfectly legal. He told me at first there would be times the entire...
  3. M

    Ducting for Indoor Central AC Help!

    Ok so again I am a brand new member to 420 and a First time grower. I'm learning so much and i am absolutely in love with the entire processes that I'm going through on this grow journey. SO I live in a 2 bedroom duplex that had a back patio, but this was closed in and made into a 3rd room. It...