1. D

    Intake - Exhaust: Balance, More Air In or More Air Out?

    Hello everyone! So, I am trying to find answers to this for a while. If let's say you have the possibility to fully control the Air Intake-Exhaust balance in a grow space to any extent you wish. What would be best for the plant's growth? To actually have a somewhat more intake than exhaust or...
  2. T

    Exhaust in right position?

    Hi there 420mag, Long time lurker, first time poster. Decided to setup a grow using passive air intake nudged on by the power of the exhaust. Only problem is, I worry I placed my exhaust fan in the wrong place. Currently my exhaust is positione above the intake air hole side of my tent...
  3. S

    Intake ducting?

    Been trying to find a grow space in the house. my wife suggested the laundry room which would be a great place but was originally part of the now closed in carport. It is not temp controlled. My box will be about 46" x 30" x 6'tall. will be insulated. Can I duct my intake air from another...
  4. C

    Trying to understand proper air intake and ventilation?

    Does the scrubber filter need to run continuous or intermittently? Fresh intake? Alternate? Amount of time for each? My first indoor grow and want it done right :) Thanks.
  5. Q

    Grow room ventilation

    Hi guys I have a 3 by 3 by 6 grow closet with a 168 cfm inline fan connected to a carbon filter rated for 200 cfms with a 4 inch hole cut for intake. I am running a viparspectra 600 led and this set up is working great for now. But for the winter instead of heating my grow closet (since the...
  6. M

    Drying Cabinet Idea

    The girls have a couple weeks left, Was thinking of what to do about drying. I saw the Mr. Krip Drying Box Thread Love the idea! Going to try and expand on it. I've got a 4x4 "Mammoth" tent with 2x Meizhi 600w LED on Four Critical 2.0 Dinafem in dirt (Doing quite well) exhaust is a 4"...
  7. coralman

    Portable A/C unit help

    Hi summers kicking in here and my tent is reaching 35c/100f due to ambient temps being so high. Set up is - roof qube 5x5 1000w cool tube dimmable 8" rhino fan and pro filter Vented into unused chimney flue Passive intake...
  8. ConstantGreen

    Do intake filters need intake fans?

    My ~100 cubic foot tent has a 170cfm inline exhaust fan with 170cfm phresh filter. I want to add a 140cfm intake filter to reduce dust and debris that the passive intake vents let through. Can the exhaust fan handle the extra resistance? Or would i need an intake fan?
  9. E

    Abandoned RDWC N DWC Pakistan Valley & Sour Secret

    Welcome to my journal! Setup: DR150 Tent CoolTube: 1x 400 w Horti 1x 600 w Flora Ph tester: HI981504/7 Hanna Tester Fan: 435Cfm exhaust 6'' 250cfm intake 4'' System: 35 Gal RDWC 350GPH Airpump 70L/hour They just got turned into Flo updating pic later in the day! System is home made special...
  10. C

    Having ventilation issues - First time grow box - Need some advice

    I swear I've done the research scouring this and other sites for information but I can't quite find a solution to this positive pressure issue I'm having. Here is my box 24 cubic feet, 10 bulb CFL chandelier with more light to come on the side panels. The exhaust is a 4 1/2" hole with an 80mm...
  11. R

    Tent intake filter?

    Hi , what do you use as an intake filter ? Im setting up a 4'x8'x8h' tent with a 8" hyperfan and 3' phresh filter. I think i should filter the incoming air. Spider mites are a concern. The tent is in a shed that has surrounding gardens. I have been thinking , i could diy something ? Maybe a 5...
  12. Xenonrae

    For the life of me can't figure out what else to do to get my temps down

    3x3x5ft Tent. 400cfm inline exhaust fan. 600W hps in a blockbuster reflector (turned down to 75%~450W) passive intake with a box fan blowing fresh air from an open window into the tent. Fan placed inside the intake hole and vent(with carbon fabric to prevent light leaks out)
  13. T

    4'x4'x6'2" tent - Passive intake vs active with a filter

    As the title states I am looking at going away from passive intake (vents) to an active style intake with another fan and an intake filter. I know a good bit about fans and needing a static pressure in order to pull through a filter however I was looking at using an axial fan instead of the...
  14. P

    Air Flow on GrowRoom

    Hey guys, i might need your help on this one. I am using a grow tent inside a bathroom, which has no windows nor has any sort of external ventilation. I need to find a way to create an air-intake for my tent, but always considering i must keep my room closed at all time. Extraction isint a...
  15. P

    Intake to Exhaust newbie questions

    OK so i'm making a closet into a simi-stealth grow cab. Top is for veg bottom is for flower as it is a bigger space. IT's an open closet on the front. My plan was to seal the inside with white plastic to insure air tight, then take a sheet of plywood and cut to fit snuggley into the open whole...
  16. D


    Ive been growin for a while, but never used co2 enrichment. I have a great intake/exhaust, so co2 is at 3-400ppm, approx. I know i would have to make sure the exhaust is off when co2 is on, but how about the intake?:30: Would this be better/higher c02 levels? Anyone with exp help me out...
  17. B

    Active intake Vs. exhaust

    Hi folks this is my first grow room. I cant figure out whats best in term of ventilation for making negative pressure in my flowering room. I need someone to give me some advice. My room is sealed, its 4.5 by 4.5 foot, with 5.5 foot high. I bought a 245 cfm fan and a 50 cfm fan the lady...
  18. G

    Slider Window Exhaust/Intake/Light Trap Ideas?

    Hello, I hope what I am asking for is not right in front of my nose but I have searched for ~3days across the internet including 420Mag site and still have not found quite what I am looking for. I have a 26x8x9(LxWxH) room that I have built and done a great job on sealing airtight and...
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