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  1. L

    Reinventing the Grow Light

    A startup out in Pennsylvania is rebranding a series of grow lights for interior design. Even includes a 420 package. What are your thoughts?
  2. K

    CA: America's Biggest Pot Shop Rebrands For Legalization

    The nation's biggest medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside Health Center, has evolved this week into 'Harborside' with a high-end make-over. The club celebrated its ten-year anniversary Oct. 3, throws a birthday party tonight at the Oakland Museum of California, and announces new exterior...
  3. Justones

    Trim small interior branches

    Do you guys trim the smaller interior branches that don't get much light during flowering? There's some tiny buds trying to form on those. But I question if trimming them will let the plant put more energy into the good areas of light.
  4. C

    Help please - Interior leaves discoloring

    I could use some quick help here. This widow strain is in Ocean Forest/perlite and has been watered with spring water thus far. First feeding was last Thursday using 1/4th strength Big Bloom and Grow Big. Monday I noticed some lighter leaves on the interior of the plant, some with some...