1. W

    Creating the Perfect Indoor - Outdoor Hybrid Grow Setup For Autos

    First let me start with a big thank you to any and all perspectives and pieces of wisdom as I try to solve what seems to be an on going problem. Let me see if I can describe my situation before breaking down the possible problems I’m having getting my autos to grow without stunting. I live in...
  2. Thirvnrob

    Thirvnrob's 1st TLO Grow: In Progress

    I had intended to get a little experience with TLO and journal my next grow, but I think it'd be a good idea to have some more experienced eyes have a look & hopefully answer a few questions. My last grow was a disaster & the one before that wasn't great either. I'll let you in on what I think...
  3. Jon

    Completed Jon's Dedicated Fruity Pebble Cookies Grow Plus The Mystery Plant

    Hi Guys, welcome to my newest grow journal! Let's have some fun. This grow is very simple, and very pared down. Just two plants in the 5x5 and one plant in the 3x3. Here's what we're doing: In the 5x5 Strain: Fruity Pebble Cookies Lineage: Fruity Pebbles OG x Mandarin Cookies Genetics...
  4. 420giirl

    Completed 2022 Godfather OG Feminized Seeds - 4th Grow In Soil: Sponsored By Weed Seeds Express

    This journal will be my journey learning to germinate seeds. I have been asked to do a grow for @Weed Seeds Express, and I have gladly accepted. I will set 5 feminized seeds into 50/50 distilled water and 3% h202, for 15 minutes as suggested by @InTheShed. Then I will place the godfather og...
  5. Jon

    Completed Jon's New Pared Down Setup Soil Grow: 3 Photo & 1 Auto With New Dedicated Auto Rig

    Hi Guys! Well, it's time to move on. As explained in previous journal, I was forced to pare down my setup, so after a day to think about it I set up the new digs all around. They will be unveiled right now as we begin my third grow (I'm counting the current Sour Apple Auto solo plant grow as...
  6. Dragoond2

    Spider mites or aphids?

    soil got a new bag of fox farm coco loco and now this is all over. Are they spider mites or aphids and how can I get rid of them i have 3 seedling and 3 in flower in the same tent. @MrSauga
  7. BooWho2

    Boo’s Perpetual Grow Journal

    Soil Grow Strain: Cinderella 99 Feminized and Pineapple Express Feminized Auto Number of plants: 4 each Grow Type: Soil Grow Stage: Pineapples are in bloom/bud and moved outside on 5/24/2020; Cinderella are in veg (for almost 100 days now) and indoor Bucket size: Cinderellas are all in 5...
  8. L

    Leaves discoloration update

    Just shy of a week. Have added cal mag into my mix watering everyday to keep the coco nice and moist. Have seen considerable bud growth but leaves are still concerning to me not sure if they will fix themselves or just fall off or something . These are after I just gave them a good misting...
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    Flip day October 25th
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    Flip day October 25th
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    Flip day October 25th.
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    Peyote Critical from InTheShed.
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