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  1. gr865

    2nd Half Of The Barneys Farm LSD Grow - Clones In The Tent

    What happening in my 4 x 4 w/twin 315W CMH's. These went into the tent on 1/24. Five Barneys Farm LSD, 4 of one pheno and i second pheno. Put them into flower on 1/29, here they are after one week, 2/5 The plant in the foreground is also a BF LSD but it comes from my...
  2. B

    Flushing with Florakleen to reduce P toxicity

    All was going so well, then blammo, over 3 days' time it looks like I have an excess of P along with accompanying iron deficiency. I haven't been supplementing ANY P, but I did transplant into FFOF soil 2 weeks ago, started bloom a week ago, and began using Nirvana which maybe made it so my...
  3. 4

    Possible Nanner - What do you think?

    Title kind of says it all; this is 5 weeks after flip to 12/12 on a feminized Durban Poison. I'm about halfway to the suggested flowering time. I actually found a couple of similar looking things and plucked them out, but this one I just cut and put into water in a different room to see what...
  4. kingfisher

    2nd Grow Sonoff CO2 4x4 Tent LED Soil

    2nd grow in soil and LED. This time adding a bit more tech. Sonoff WiFi switch timer/controller the fan and CO2. This set-up has the 4CH switch controlling the TH16. Why, because the 4CH has NO loop timer but the TH16 has that type of timer. The TH16 set at 1hr off, 3 minutes on, looping timer...
  5. BTzGrow

    SCRoG - Am I doing this correctly

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to 420Mag here and just about as new to growing. I'm about 7 weeks into my first indoor grow. You can read a bit about my start in my introduction. My question today is about SCRoG netting and if what I did looks about right or do I need any correction on my current...
  6. TheFertilizer


    I was hoping to be able to make chocolate with cannabutter. I found a recipe online that uses butter and cocoa powder, along with milk and powdered sugar, but it made more of a truffle-like chocolate that would not harden no matter how long frozen. I compromised and just made truffles...
  7. E

    Canadian Grower

    Hey guys, I am not a bigtime smoker of marijuana but I have grown. Currently i am not growing anything but with the upcoming change in july and specifically in Alberta.... i will be going into full grow mode shortly. And without having to hide everything. Therefore, if i get off my butt i may...
  8. croptopper11

    First indoor DWC grow - Blue Widow - Feedback & advice wanted

    im running a Blue widow in 5gal dwc with fox farm hyrdo trio nutes under mars reflector96 in a 4x2x6 tent put into net pot from germination on 11-3..anyone hve any experience growing this strain? how much stretch to expect on the flip. right now ive got her topped a cple times. grow points all...
  9. N

    Tacoing what to do

    Morning, plants were doing fine transferred from 1gal pots to 5 gal bags, new coco with some perlite and placed under sunsystem LEC 315 plants are Tacoing..any suggestions would be well appreciated White widow 4 weeks into veg 1st week into 5 gal bags with CoCo with 315LEC 24 inches above plant...
  10. Ron Strider

    CA: A New Era Dawns At Country's Oldest Cannabis Dispensary

    In the predawn darkness of New Year's Day, a long line of newly sanctioned customers formed down San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. And as the sun began to rise on 2018, the eager customers began to file into the country's oldest dispensary to make their first purchase of recreational cannabis. On...
  11. B

    Light Burn ~5 weeks into flower

    I have 5 girls going: 1 o'haze red, 2 critical kush, and 2 blueberry. They are currently at 32 days into flower. The calyxes are just starting to fatten up & really look like bud. Last week, I noticed the OR & one of the blueberries started showing some light burn on the top few fan...
  12. Z

    Nutrient supplements

    I was wondering, are advanced nutrients supplements like bud candy, overdrive, big bud, etc. worth purchasing and putting into your line up? or is it just a waste of money?
  13. SashaShiva

    Turning Lead Into Gold - Resin To Honey Oil

  14. Ron Strider

    CO: New Cannabis Rules Go Into Effect January 1

    Several new rules and regulations for legal cannabis in Colorado have been finalized and will go into effect January 1, 2018, according to the Marijuana Enforcement Division. The MED had been holding stakeholder meetings and accepting public feedback on many of the proposed rules since...
  15. T

    Advice please - Early bloomer

    Hi My plants are 6 weeks old, first 2 weeks indoors in natural light, and the past 4 weeks outside. It is the end of spring coming into summer. This is my 3rd grow, 2 of my plants have early flowers and the other couple I have look normal 6 week growth. I've just transplanted them into a...
  16. T

    Advice required on drying and curing

    Hi, Spent a lot of time reading on here to learn before starting. I am in the process of building a HPA system but had never grown before. So decided to do a grow or 2 in soil just to improve my knowledge before launching into something which does not give you the safety zone of larger time...
  17. S

    Germinated seed

    What is the ideal germinated seed look like before planting into soil?
  18. D

    White Widow in flower

    Hey gang, just a few shots of WW flowering at 6-1/2 weeks into flowering. Nothing spectacular-----yet
  19. B

    Brixnewb's Black Thumb Guide To Cloning

    As growing cannabis goes, I have a bit of a black thumb. I always like to find the most foolproof way whenever I can, and I think I have found just that for taking clones. Cloning was never SUPER hard for me, but I have had my shares of failures with it and I think I have found a pretty much...
  20. Ron Strider

    Witchy Woman Social Is A Supernaturally Feminine Celebration of Cannabis

    When I registered to attend the Witchy Woman Social just before Halloween, I really didn't know what to expect. The location for Tokeativity's 21-plus, all-female, cannabis-centric party ("a woman-friendly space in NE Portland") wasn't revealed until the day of the event. Attendees had only...
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