1. Pistol03


    Hi everyone
  2. I

    A little member intro

    I've been lurking the site for a while and finally chose to register. Call it my mid-life crisis or whatever but after 20 years I decided to grow again. Cannabis is not legal in my state but has been decriminalized to a degree. Too old to try and find quality cannabis without either...
  3. S


    Wish me luck.
  4. Monsignor

    Beginner & New To 420 Magazine

    Hello everyone! I have already perused thread after thread on here and recently decided I want to be more than a fly on the wall. I am a licensed medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan. I am an OIF veteran with severe anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) issues that I sought...
  5. H


    Hi all :welcome::welcome: Long time grower,smoker from South Africa. New to this forum, heard its a good one. Hope to be able to share with everyone. And learn from the users here.. Planting season is upon us in the Southern hemisphere, exciting times ahead. Awe
  6. C

    New member recently joined intro

    Hi guys joined about a week ago been lurking in the background creeping away thought it was time to man up and introduce myself. As the name suggests pretty messed up in the knee department as a result of a council van so growing for chronic pain ptsd depression plus im a stoner also she helps...
  7. Alpaca Bowl

    Hey everyone! First grow, DWC Autoflower

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I'm excited to be here and look forward to being part of this great community of people. My wife and I are Marine Corps veterans and this is our first ever attempt at growing medicinal marijuana. I already made a grow journal for my current grow without...
  8. sshamish

    Super Silver Hamish Saying G'day

    hey guys just wanted to pop in and introduce myself, medicinal cannabis has saved my life and i think its time to start growing my own meds, i have a mars hydro 192x3w reflector series and some g13 x amnesia haze so ill be starting a scrog indoor journal soon, hope to see you guys...
  9. C

    Intro - First timer - Cabinet grow

    Hi everyone: I'm in Toronto and have been lurking for quite some time, and I'm glad to have found this site and be here amongst friends. I'm a 40 something family man who loves life to the fullest and enjoys new adventures. I found Pod casts, first ante up poker, then Freakonomics then...
  10. D

    Abandoned My First Journal Entry

    well im glad that i figured out how to do this i wasnt sure if i would but i got it so its all good just wanted to introduce myself i love the site it gives you a lot of knowleage and helpful resourses and im glad that i can start to help people out and that they can help me i am new to growing...
  11. B

    Hi everybody

    So to begin with I'm from the great NW, born and raised. i love it here, within a few hours drive you can go from the ocean, to the desert, to camping out in the woods. anyways, i've been searching through 420 magazine for some time now. probably somewhere over a year, going from topics ranging...
  12. T

    New to 420 Magazine forums!

    I just wanted to post a thread introducing myself. My name is Tatiana, I'm new around here. I have been browsing these forums for years. I finally decided to make an account and join your ranks. I live in the NYC area and am fighting to see cannabis legalized here, I'm not a grower (though I'd...
  13. L

    First time grower, diving into a 600 Watt LED Closet grow

    Would like to introduce myself, I am a first time growing in the Orange County area. Attempting to learn the art of growing marijuana is long and arduous. That is why I am immersing myself in this community in order to learn as much as possible about growing cannabis. Stay lifted everyone!
  14. E

    Hello 420 Magazine Community

    I've been reading the forums here for a good little while as I'm getting back to a growing mindset. I've found so much useful information here, and the community seems very tight so I decided to register in anticipation of starting my first grow journal. I have started 5 Sensi Kush, and 3 THC...
  15. D

    Hey hey!

    Hey its Dr. GT from socal! just introducing myself. i had been a reader for a while before i sighed up, its seems like a pretty good site! happy token! :ganjamon:
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