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  1. C

    Medical user new to the forums

    Hey guys I'm a 20 year old mmj user and now Newley grower. I live in Colorado and love the great out doors, smoking, and just straight having a good time. I'm mainly coming to this forum to expand my knowledge on growing mmj and how I can become more experienced and aware. I currently have 5...
  2. bampdx

    Newbie hobby grower from Portland, OR!

    Hey all! Decided I ought to join up since we're just one month away from recreational legalization becoming active (with up to 4 plants per household) here in Oregon. Marijuana Enthusiast of 6 years. Have always referenced this site and forum for information so I'm excited to finally join the...
  3. killuminati99

    Hey 420 and high 2 all fellow soul adventurers!

    High my name is killuminati999 and im a medicine grower. I wanna say Thanks for making such a great site available and running. I m about to make my first grow report and ist gonna be 1x little dipper autoflower from kiwiseeds, and 4x 2 pounder from kiwiseeds aswell. goodluck to fellow...
  4. tanzaspeed

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello everyone! I am really excited to be here, more yet because I've never being in a forum before hehe. I'm Constanza (Tanza), woman, chilean, resident in french Canada. I'm 23 years old, musician, fashion designer and pothead, haha. I spend almost all my time with my boy sitting by my side...
  5. Sh0TyMe


    Began message: so this is an introduction I am Sh0 TyMe , I am a novice grower, I'm not a jerk , I'm not a troll , I'm only here to share thoughts and knowledge with the community and learn more as I grow. so now that's out the way. Hello to all the growers and 420staff...
  6. S

    Straight Rookie

    Hello all! Long story short I popped some bag seeds in the ground, they sprouted up, and I kinda got into it (growing). I'm a disable Marine vet now with a lot of time on my hands. With my first grow I planted 8 seeds back in Feb and so far I have 6 females in pre flowering stage. I think they...
  7. M

    mises890 - Introduction - teach me something

    Hi 420magazine community! This is mises890. . I recently joined 420magazine after I began to read up on another user's grow journal (SteveHman). I was impressed with the quality of the forum, the controls over the forum, the grow journals, and its friendly member community. I plan to start...
  8. H


    Hello! I am a 20-year-old female from Seattle and I am an avid weed smoker. And uhh, that's it. I joined because I like learning new recipes, facts, so on and so forth. Let's smoke a bowl! ;)
  9. M


    I have been smoking for the last 5 years. I have been using it for insomnia and sports injuries. I live in AZ and hope to get a license for medicinal marijuana.
  10. H

    Finally grew some

    Balls that is, and joined this forum. I have been lurking for years but finally decided every on here was just so nice and knowledgable. I'm 20 and live in colorado, as a student, a gardener, and a medical patiecent. I came here in search of some advice and like most of you nug porn lol... I...
  11. J

    hello everybody

    Hello and hello again, I m George. Very please to meet you. I use marijuana for spiritual mostly reasons. I m at the point that want to learn about the growing of this helpful hemp and hope to make my garden shine a bit. :) Now about the legalization "front", i m from Greece and in my...
  12. T

    Howdy from central Texas :D

    Howdy everyone! Just a simple ole central Texas native here sayin hello. I've been enjoying recreational and medical use of MJ for about 6 years of my adult life(i'm 26). For years, i lived behind this curtain of sorts. The only smoke that was available to my community is the stuff you...
  13. Z

    Hi, New Grower

    Hello plant lovers, I am a long time regular gardener and WORSHIP plants. I became fascinated with Hydroponics about 3 months ago and read about it for days. I became obsessed and started buying equipment. What should I grow? Hmmm. I want something beautiful, something that smells good...
  14. Oddnonsmoker

    High from Ohio

    High everybody. I've been reading on here for a long time, and I've finally decided to join here just recently. I absolutely love all of the news articles here, and I greatly appreciate all the work that the News Hawks put in to find them. My family runs a mid-sized (1200 acre) cash crop...
  15. 8

    New here hello all

    Im new here just want to say high!!.:cheer2: Medical patient from southern california.:peace:
  16. C

    im new let me introduce myself!

    high my name is juan im from colombia but 2 years ago i moved to argentina. my issue down here is that the weed i get from local deals is really a shit weed, so i began growing. down here we dont have all the magical resources that people in canada or usa or europe may have, so imagine i start...
  17. H

    Kind of late but here it goes...

    Hey there! My alias is Quicky, for certain reasons... but anyway, I'm an aspiring computer scientist and chemist. I'm going to college for that as my major. I'm attending University of Maryland in spring 2010 and I want to be a Bioinformatic as a profession. Basically, I smoke lots of...
  18. twexile

    Yeah, I'm New...twexile...Toxic World Exile!

    I use cannabis for medical purposes, pain mainly! At present I do not grow, but I have recently been entertaining the thought, because it is so hard to acquire a consistent quality supply. My state doesn't have a Medicinal Cannabis Law, but it is decriminalized here and as long as I am not...
  19. banyanhouse73

    Sup' from hawaii...

    Jus' introducing myself and giving some aloha-hope to get some back and meet some chill people here....laterz
  20. P

    what'sup,new to the forum

    :smokin:Howdy,friend and what's going:bong:i,m new to 420magazine and really am delighted that i found this site:thankyou:it nice to know there a place like this that i could be free to talk on for a good cause , help on growing, getting facts and information,tips:thankyou: and :cheer2:i'm down...
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