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  1. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Seeds Investment, Consulting, Journalism And Tourist Industries

    An industry has reached the mainstream when my 70-something-year-old conservative mother asks me, "Shouldn't we be investing in this? It looks like it is going to be big." And that's the way many people are feeling about the cannabis industry, which has extended beyond the delight of potheads...
  2. K

    Why This Traditional Brokerage Firm Is Betting Big On Cannabis

    New York-based Cowen & Co. has built a reputation over its 99-year existence as a solid, reputable investment bank. You know, mergers & acquisitions, equity financing, debt strategies and the like. So what is this staid institution doing in the marijuana business? Like all smart investment...
  3. K

    Canadian Marijuana Companies May Not Be Savvy Investment Just Yet

    Canadian medical marijuana producers are in the spotlight, thanks to high share prices and a more than $1 billion valuation for Ontario-based Canopy Growth Corp. So should Canadians consider the country's booming marijuana sector as an investment opportunity? Not necessarily, say investment...