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  1. Be Irie

    Micro Grow, BE IRIE style.. LA,BG,Mys.

    OK guys, since this grow is going to be much smaller then the usual I figured it would be my version of a micro grow... :bong: I shall have one Bubble gum clone, LA Confidential from seed, and a mystery (1 of five strains) from seed. They were all vegged under the LED, that's why they are...
  2. Be Irie

    Viva Las Vegas! Procyon 100 LED Grow Test

    OK, so I am going to be doing this at least through the veg stage and possibly into flower depending on if I like what I see.. I will be using the proycon 100 which I think is a upper mid level LED. I picked Bubble gum and Dream Weaver to be my guinea pigs. The two seeds broke ground on 9/28. I...
  3. Be Irie

    Be IRIE #2 Black Death, LA Confidential, and Bubble gum..

    Well, I guess it is time to get this one going. BLACK DEATH- Black Death from Celtic Stone. The smoke is as the name states, a sure stone that ends the night. We crossed a Black Widow female with our powerhouse, Bjorn, and came up with a perfect crossing. Expect the buds to be a very light...
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