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  1. I

    Hello & Merry Xmas

    Just joined, don't really have much to add. I mostly just grow chilli plant varieties and occasionally hemp but looking to try some new things this year. Isn't that what new years are all about? Greetings all and happy holidays.
  2. gbauto

    And You Wonder Why Change Isn't Happening

    Dear Gary, Thank you for contacting to express your support for efforts to legalize marijuana. I appreciate your thoughts on this issue. While I understand your arguments, I do not believe that legalizing marijuana would improve the illegal drug situation already facing our state and...
  3. mackdaddyerb

    Are non-organic cannabis nutrients unhealthy?

    I am into nutrition and health, and believe organic food is much better for humans because it is not genetically modified (GMO ridden), full or additives or colourants and isn't grown with pesticides. I truly believe that a build of chemicals from the above lead to cancers and other diseases and...
  4. K

    Marijuana In California - What's Legal, What Isn't Now?

    Los Angeles - Since Proposition 64 passed, many Californians have assumed that all sales and use of marijuana have become legal. But in fact, recreational sales don't become legal until next year. There is additional confusion over what's legal and what isn't. "When Prop. 64 passed, all...
  5. K

    Why Britain Isn't Going To Legalise Cannabis Any Time Soon

    It's been almost 20 years since things looked like they were going to change. Rewind to 1997. Tony Blair's just been elected Prime Minister; the Union Jack is trendy and the phrase "Cool Britannia" isn't just something you'd see on a shit mug marketed at Spanish tourists. It's September and...
  6. sleepless

    Sleepless - Hopefully not for long

    Hello all. As seen by the subject I am sleep challenged to say the least. After 2 years of different meds that only made things worse my Doctor suggested trying Cannabis and wrote me a prescription. I am new to all of this and this forum has been a great resource. Honestly I am now...
  7. N

    Plant isn't producing a lot of buds

    Hello all first off im new to this all growing... the site etc I have done it for a few years with help but never all on my own like this year.. We have been growing the same strain of lemon g for years and have had little to no problem.our male to female ratio from seeds is phenomenal...
  8. dbkick

    CMH on steroids

    Anyone here running a allstart 860 cmh on a digital ballast? It isn't a very good idea if the ballast isn't low frequency square wave. A friend runs 860 on old core and coil ballasts , he said I should expect a 30% increase in intensity and I think he's right. I had a look at his lights...
  9. G

    LED light height?

    I'm hoping that you can share a few tips on proper light height for the mars lights I have two of the reflector series 144,s and the walls on my grow room are moveable so grow space isn't a issue I can expand my grow to be 3 "X 7 " box with 9" celings and heat isn't a issue excellent...