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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: Step Right Up For Your Commercial Cannabis Activity Permit

    The City of Arcata will issue Provisional Commercial Cannabis Activity Permits (CCAP's) to assist business owners who plan to apply for State of California licensing before a CCAP is issued. A Provisional CCAP will be issued to business owners who fulfill requirements which include a...
  2. K

    HI: Manoa Botanicals Approved To Acquire And Grow Marijuana

    The Hawaiʻi State Department of Health issued a Notice to Proceed to Acquire and Cultivate Marijuana to Manoa Botanicals LLC for their production center on Oʻahu. Manoa Botanicals is the third licensee to receive notice from the state and the second Oʻahu licensee to meet all requirements to...
  3. K

    FL: First Marijuana Citations Issued In Broward

    The first marijuana tickets have been issued in Broward. Ten months after the County Commission passed a law allowing police officers and deputies to treat small-time pot possession as a civil offense punishable by a fine, the Broward Sheriff's Office has begun using it. The first citation...
  4. R

    Judge Says He Doesn't Have Authority To Stop MMJ Licences From Being Issued

    An administrative law judge said he doesn't have the authority to stop the Department of Health from issuing the final licenses for medical marijuana businesses, despite concerns over whether they should be considered final before administrative proceedings are complete. The Tampa Bay...