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  1. Ron Strider

    Greek Authorities Seize 2 Tons Of Marijuana On Italian Yacht

    Greek authorities say they have seized roughly two tons of Albania-grown marijuana on an Italian-flagged yacht destined for the Aegean Sea islands. The coast guard says the seizure followed a tip-off and took place early Friday south of the Greek island of Kythera, at the entrance to the...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: Canapa Farms In Huntington Beach Offers Gourmet Italian Cuisine With A Hemp Twist

    I haven't written a Barbara's Bits & Bites for a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't had my eye out for interesting places to dine. Now that the Daily Pilot has broadened its scope of coverage, I recently ventured to Huntington Beach to try a neighborhood Italian restaurant that I'd been...
  3. K

    Italian Parliament To Consider Marijuana Legalization

    Bill to Legally Regulate Marijuana Has Broad Support across Italian Political Spectrum; Italy Hopes to Join Growing List of Countries That Have Recently Reformed Marijuana Laws New York - July 21, 2016 - Italy may become the next country to legally regulate marijuana, with a legislative...
  4. R

    How Decriminalized Cannabis Could Help Fight ISIS, Italian Mafia

    Decriminalized marijuana could help fight both the Italian Mafia and the terror organization known as the Islamic State group, Italy's top prosecutor told Reuters Monday. The pair of illegal organizations have been smuggling hashish through Northern Africa and Libya together, according to the...
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