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  1. DankWolf907

    Using Echinacea on MJ

    Hey everyone, something ive been curious about trying, and growing more curious daily.. Ive seen alot of people talk about adding neem oil, chamomile, aloe vera and others to plant feeding to boost plant immunity. Echinacea is one of, if not the most powerful immune boosting plant(maybe...
  2. N

    My plans for first indoor hydro grow - Any tips/criticism?

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, let me know if it isn't! I'm planning on doing a RDWC grow and want to make sure my plans are solid before I get too far into setting things up. I have a pretty large area to work with (8 x 10 x 8, likely won't use all of it) and I just...
  3. B

    Add CalMag+ to Promix HP when using R.O water

    I am wondering if people add Calmag+ in this circumstance. I've read a lot of contradicting information. I've read That Promox HP doesn't need it since it has it in the mix...others say that although it is in the mix, it doesn't 'break down' fast enough for the roots to access it...
  4. E

    Feeling a little discouraged about end product

    Hey everyone! I come to you all with frustration about the results of my growing. I've had 3 grows now and I keep ending up with nugs that are hay like in scent, not dense, after about 3 days drying, 6 weeks of curing. When I harvest the buds everything looks so good, and furthermore, they are...
  5. steppedinds

    CO2 on a timer

    I decided to hook up an old co2 tank in my tent and do not have a controller yet. it's a 4x2x5, so 40 cu. ft. i found CO2 and YOU so i'm guessing i need .06 cu ft of co2 injected, but i have no idea how much that is. ive got a 20-30lb tank with a decent regulator. my questions are, how much...
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