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  1. Cap3550

    Yellow & Browning Leaves

    On my 2nd grow. 8 weeks in. Amnesia Haze. Using 400W bulb. 20 hours on, 4 hours off. Organic soil along with fox farm fertilizer. Didn't have this issue with my first grow but having it now. Leaving are yellowing, then to brown and then drying up. Flowering is still happening. What is...
  2. J

    JoeCal's 2017 Sour Diesel, Perpetual Cycle, 600W, Soil Grow!

    Hello! Welcome everyone to my first journal! :welcome: This is my first journal and about my seventh attempt to grow fat juicy cannabis nugs. Only about two of those attempts made it to the final week of growing. My last attempt at growing had spider mites during flowering so i shut the whole...
  3. J

    Can you diagnose this problem?

    Hi all, thanks for reading. My plants are roughly 4 weeks old, grown in coco coir/perlite/clay balls. I'm still using 1/4 strength nutes. They have been developing spots or marks on the leaves, and I'm completely unsure of the cause. I've attached some pics to take a look at. Any help would...
  4. Grow17

    Gorilla Glue Auto - Not Growing

    Using the same equipment/soil as I've been for the last 2 years. Happy Frog /T5 Lights 18/6 schedule Germinated fine, sprouted in 2 days. 1st set of leaves 4 days later. Nothing since and it's been 2 weeks. This is the 1st time growing auto. I've started 2 THC Bomb Fem 4 days ago, and...
  5. O

    Auto light schedule

    Hey, not sure if this topics been covered before but I'm wondering if autos really benefit the most from a 24/0 light schedule. I've read elsewhere that all plants need rest and then I've also read that it doesn't matter what schedule they get. If you start on a certain schedule, like 24/0, will...
  6. GodOfPot

    Suppliers & Retailers

    Good day gents and ladies. New grower here hoping to find some info or compile a list of suppliers/retailers for products in Canada. I find that as I learn more and more, and get advised about more and more products, more so specifically on some of these "higher" tier organic products, it's...
  7. H

    Need Help With LED's

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for reading this! I've got a small space of 2x2 ft = 4 sq.ft, and I have a doubt regarding the lighting. I've read in multiple threads that 30-40watts per sq.ft should be adequate, and i'd love it if some of you could confirm that? for example if i'm considering...
  8. W

    Smooth on the inhale strains

    I recently tried Grapegod that I bought from an online dispensary and I was struck by how easy smoking it was,it never got me coughing at all.But the price for 10 feminized seeds is $166.Does anyone know of strains that are easy on the draw? I have asthma and I've found that with myself,coughing...
  9. F

    Bud Rot

    I'm pretty sure I've came across bud rot on my plant. I've removed all affected areas and trimmed a fair few leaves to increase the air circulation around the plant. Not too sure what else I can do. I'm growing outdoors in a greenhouse, i leave the door wide open along with both windows. I have...
  10. R

    Bug Identification Required Please!

    Hey guys, I got three autos growing in promix hp, 3gal pots. The past couple weeks I've noticed a bug here and there. Very tiny and I could only ever find one at any given time and I'd try to find more, I would. Right now, all three plants are nearly 7 weeks old, I happened to check them...
  11. S

    Ready for Harvest?

    Hey guys, fairly new grower here (2nd season) and I've got a fairly decent size outdoor grow and throughout the season I've dealt with everything from revegging to caterpillars to nute problems. As harvest approaches, I've been keeping an eye on a plant that's been maturing faster than the rest...
  12. flytier

    Flytier's MMJ Strain Comparisons

    Hey Everybody, I recently got my card to purchase and possess medical maryjane and I've made a few purchases since I've gotten my prescription last month. I use it to ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis and lower back issues as well as stress and anxiety. If we find some strains better...
  13. E

    Any idea on sick leaves?

    I'm about to start week 6 of flower. My best guess is light burn, (250W HPS about 14 inches from canopy), but I could be wrong. I've switched to my LED light to help. Any advice or ideas would be much appreciated. I've been very conservative with nutrients, using 1/2 str of the FF lineup...
  14. D

    New grower in the tropics

    Hi there, I've just received my first seeds from Crop King, inlcuding NYC, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, CB Dream and CB Dutch treat. I'm living in the tropics (Panama), its currently wet season so need to do some preparation before planting outdoors. I havent managed to find much...
  15. Cannatard

    HSO Blue Dream & Lemon OG Haze By Ethos Collective In 420 By The Tard

    They just popped so ill be updating more later. I decided to journal this grow because I want a record of the LOGH. I've done the blue dream several times so I know what to expect with that one. Thanks for checking this one out :)
  16. C

    Grow or Bloom nutes?

    My girl is about a month old and is still growing vertically she's a NL Auto. My question is when should I change to bloom nutes? I've heard to wait until vertical growth has stopped, is this correct?
  17. M

    3rd grow day 54 flower: Fake bud sites?

    I've grown 2 Master Kush but there are some strange small bud's growing, i'm not to worried they have female hair's growing out of them and they are covered in crystals's, i've read there can be fake bud site's are these them?
  18. P

    New grower - Need help picking a water source

    I've been reading as much as possible about water and I'm looking for advice on whether there's any way I can use one of my existing water resources without having to invest $200 in RO. I have a background in lab science, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed by conflicting information. My Grow...
  19. Domino889

    I can't even get my seeds started

    I bought a good amount of seeds (feminised) auto flowering and substandard white widow. I have spent an absolute fortune on a 80 x 80 x 180 600 W cfl full indoor soil set up and cant even lift the seeds past being a ugly little seed. Ive tried soil, tissue and floating in water... still...
  20. GodOfPot

    UVA/UVB Lighting

    I know there's another thread touching on this, but I wanted opinions specifically involving UV light and didn't want the other thread going off topic too much. So UV lighting. I've read that UVB helps produce additional THC while not contributing to CBD production, and UVA help with the...
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