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    Jack 47 - Super Lemon Haze - Hydro LED Scrog

    Hows it going everyone! I am so excited to be back in the growing society and back on the forum as its been way to long. This is my first grow in nearly two years and my first time with a hydroponics setup and LED so I decided to go all out and make sure I have the best of the best for my babies...
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    The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture - Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryder

    Hey everyone. After lurking around and looking at everything on the forums, I've finally been motivated to make my own profile and maybe try my hand at my own grow journal. First off, everyone should know this is a medical marijuana grow straight out of michigan, and everything is legal as...
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    Freak420's Hydro/Bubble Buckets Strawberry Cough / Jack47 Grow Journal

    Hey 420 this is my first grow journal here and I'm hoping to make it a good one. Any and all comments are more than welcome. Here we go... I'm going to keep two mother plants in a area 4'x2'x6 ½. Lighting for that area will be a sunlight supply 4 foot, 8 tube, high output t-5 fluorescent...
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