jack diesel

  1. D

    Abandoned 2x Jack Diesel - Scrog - CFL - Grow

    Hello, first indoor grow, I made grow box in my closet. 2x jack diesel autoflower in 11l pots 250w CFL lamp 20000 lm Box size is 0.6 sq meter Now I'm facing the problem about humidity it's about 40 celsius, in what way is possible to always keep it around 60?
  2. cherryhaze


    I realised I have not introduced myself properly here, despite already starting a grow journal here. I am splitting myself between here and another similar site which I hope is OK! I am a first time grower, growing 4 plants in hydro, Jack Diesel which are sativa dominant, which is my...
  3. cherryhaze

    Completed 1st Time Grow Jack Diesel Sativa Indoor CCOB w LST Hydro

    This is my first grow and I am taking the grow journal posts I have made on Roll it Up and bringing them here. Hope this is OK! This is a Jack Diesel Sativa, grown from seed and in a Wilma Big 4 Dripper system, hydro, 4 plants, in pebbles. I am using Hesi Hydro Grow Schedule and products...
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