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jack harer

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    Harvest day
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    11 day seedlings ,24h
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    7th week bud
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    7th week bud
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    7th week bud
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    Germ method states no Rockwell - But has anyone?

    I watched the germination video again when i received my first package. It certainly states that we shouldn't use rock wool or any other starting method. It goes on to say put the cracked bean in soil. So I received (more than I ordered [Thanks ck] Jack Herer Autos. I planned on doing one plant...
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    JH Auto - Indoor Grow Journal - Advice Thread

    Starting at week three, so as not to bore people. I have two CK Jack Autos growing indoor (focus of this thread) and other photos growing outside. I'll probably start a thread for the outdoor portion when it gets more interesting or when I run into trouble! :Love: Anyway, I have no idea what...
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    Outdoor Grow - Jack Herer - AK47 - Soviet Ripper

    Hello all, This is my first journal. I will be keeping it updated until finished. I am also new. This is my outdoor grow started from seed. They started a few months late but seem to be big anyway. Most growers outdoor suffered a cold spell but i brought mine inside during the cold and let...