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  1. Grand Daddy Black

    GDB Does Fatkid's Cake And Other Photos

    Hello grow family. Time for a new journal! This grow will consist of (hopefully) 4 photo plants. Three have been germinated and are now little babies. The fourth has yet to arise from the dirt. I'll be growing a Fatkid's Cake, a Jack Herrer, and a Strawberry Banana Grape. The fourth seed, a...
  2. S

    Year 2: Off-Grid Spring-Fed Hillbilly Soil Grow

    This is Chapter Two of my grow journal, which began last year with "Off-Grid Spring-Fed Hillbilly CBD Greenhouse". This year's grow will be in vegetable garden soil but I'm not yet ready to go from pots to soil so I'll post details of amendments and preparation later, once the plants are ready...
  3. received_462943414340211.jpeg


    Jack Herrer 5 weeks since flip.
  4. received_1155151201541828.jpeg


    Left to right...Green Crack x Amnesia Haze, Jack Herrer, San Fernando Valley. 4 weeks post flip. Lights used Mars Hydro TSL 2000 & Mars Hydro TS 1000.
  5. received_546641232788449.jpeg


    Jack Herrer 4 weeks post flip
  6. JackHerrerTop_9_16_9.JPG


    Jack Herrer at six weeks veg - 9-16-19
  7. JackHerrorSide_9_16_9.JPG


    Jack Herrer at six weeks veg - 9-16-19
  8. HugePeckerhead

    Sponsored Grow: Dutch Seeds Shop Multi Strain LED Grow: Jack Herrer, White Russian, Green Crack x Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights & San Fernando Valley

    Hi guys & gals. I'm back getting ready to start my 3rd indoor grow. I received these seeds today from our sponsor @Dutch Seeds Shop. I received 5 different strains in total. Totally stoked to get them started. Just wanted to give a big thanks to our sponsor Dutch Seeds Shop to be able to grow...
  9. Day1 Clones.jpg

    Day1 Clones.jpg

    New clones, Gold Leaf, Jack Herer, Pineapple white flower og
  10. 2

    Best strain vote

    Here's the Poll Guys and Gals. Jack Herrer Sour diesel Grand daddy purple
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