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  1. simondetroit

    Question for Jacks Classic Fert Users

    I want to try out Jacks 15-12-26 hydroponic Fert. THe Company website recommends using it as a 2 part with their 15-0-0 Cal-Nitrate. I wanted to know if anyone has used an off brand other than Jacks for the Cal-Nitrate? Thanks.
  2. K

    Jacks Hydro plus Calcium Nitrate

    I recently decided to make the switch to Jacks after a lot of reading but I still can't figure out how to use this stuff. The info sheet they sent says 3.68g of 5-12-26, 1.13g of epsom salts, and 2.43g of calcium nitrate per gallon but I have a few questions. 1) Is this correct solution for our...