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    ON: Lengthy Process To Obtain Permission To Construct Medical Marijuana Facility

    Chatham-Kent has several properties with the proper zoning to house a medical marijuana facility, but none have yet to be built. An application for a zoning bylaw amendment to permit a medical marijuana facility to operate at 715 Richmond St. in Chatham, is slated to be on Monday's planning...
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    OR: Marijuana Continues To Grow A Year After Legalization

    The recreational marijuana industry is "doing phenomenal" in Eugene, Oregon. That's what Courtney Delaplain, the manager of a local dispensary named Casper's, said of Eugene's newest industry. A recent report published by the Department of Revenue shows that Oregon state-licensed...
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    Oregon: Award-Winning Eugene Grower Adam Jacques Leads The Way For Medical Cannabis

    It's been a heavy week for Adam Jacques. As he tours around the 40-plus-acre farm in west Eugene where he cultivates some of the most highly regarded medical cannabis in the world, Jacques, always outgoing, nonetheless seems weighted by sadness – not exactly downbeat but weary, like a man...