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    BC: City To Come Down Heavy On Marijuana Dispensaries Without Licence

    Any medical marijuana dispensaries thinking about setting up shop in Penticton before legalization and a regulation framework is in place should rethink their plans. "We've only authorized two temporary use permits, mainly so people would have access to medical marijuana until more...
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    BC: Local Marijuana Stand

    The city needs to take a stand against a medical marijuana dispensary operating without a business licence, according to Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. Jukka Laurio, operator of the Herbal Green Apothecary, told Castanet he felt "blindsided" by a city council decision not to approve his application...
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    BC: Penticton Gives The Nod To Marijuana Dispensaries

    After months of discussion, both in the community and at the council table, the issue of marijuana dispensaries was still a problem for council to come to a decision on, but ended up approving two operations. The City of Penticton received seven applications from groups wanting to operate...