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  4. T

    Curing time

    Hey there guys I just wanted to get some people's opinion On how long they cure their cannabis in Jars as well as how often you burp them A day/week.
  5. D

    Small hygromerter

    Can anyone tell me where you can get the small hygrometer that will fit into the jars when curing? I have seen them in some pics here on the site but can't seem to find them anywhere. Harvest time in 6 days and would really like to have some in the jars. Thanks.
  6. C

    Drying in Low Humidity?

    Hey guys on the 16th I harvested 2 Dutch Treat plants and just removed the fans and hung dry. My concern is that the room they are in is 70-75f with a RH of 25-35% so after about 4 days of drying now they are dry to the touch and smokeable(and some of the best weed I've ever smoked!), but the...
  7. A

    Why do my buds stink & a couple of curing questions

    Last night I finally trimmed the buds the rest of the way and put them in jars, but I noticed that after I did the buds smelled really bad. Any way to correct this? I read I should be opening the jars for 15 mins, twice a day to circulate air, is this true? And what does it mean if the temp...
  8. K

    Urgent curing help needed!

    I just harvested my three plants (three, two and one days ago, respectively) and the first one is in jars, and a few of the smaller nugs of the second plant. They are hanging/were hung in a closet at 70 degrees and approx 55% humidity. My problem is that I'm leaving for a week the day after...
  9. Greenethumb42

    Drying Process

    How long does it usually take to dry your buds before you put them in jars..my temps are between 21 and 22 Celsius and low 40 humidity..
  10. 2Crispy

    Curing while on vacation

    Ok, so I have a problem. My grow took longer than anticipated so I had a late harvest. The buds are at the point where I put them in jars and will open them daily. However I am going away for 10 days. Should I A. Leave the lids off when I go? B. Stick the whole jars in the freezer...
  11. Tris420


    Hey Guys so i harvested 1 of my Plants last week ... left it hanging for like 5 days ... they felt dry on the outside but the stemps didnt snap ... so I put them in Jars .. they went over 70%RH i took them out again for a few hours .. then back in the jars with 2 boveda packs ... Now the RH is...
  12. T

    Too dry after 8 days?

    My first grow and I jarred by buds. I put a RH meter one of the jars are I'm getting 57% RH. I though 62 was ideal by I'm reading that some guys think that is too wet so I may not be too dry. With that RH is there any reason to open the jars to burp? Are we still looking at about 2-weeks for...
  13. B

    Odor Control during dry/cure

    Hey!!! So im doing my first grow, and I was just thinking ahead to the drying and curing stage of the process. Its going to be a closet grow in a semi dense neighborhood. I was planning on harvesting the plant in the backyard, and thought that maybe I could just leave the buds in bins in the...
  14. N

    Stop Motion Marijuana Video. 2 Pounds of weed that move around!

    Hi Guys my name is Nino, I am a Director and a Marijuana lover. I made this video and I want to share it with all of the Weed Community@ Enjoy SorryBroTV - Weed Story (Nugs come to life) - YouTube
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