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    NB: Medical Marijuana Company Receives Government Support

    Atholville, N.B. — The provincial government is providing support for a proposed medical marijuana facility that is expected to create up to 208 jobs in northern New Brunswick. "We understand how important job creation, education and health care are to New Brunswickers," said Premier Brian...
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    Cannabis Industry Bolstering Retail, Manufacturing Job Growth In Colorado

    Halfway through 2016, Colorado's employment growth is meeting expectations and the the economy continues to outperform the nation: Employment is growing faster here, housing is hotter and incomes are higher, according to a report released Thursday by the University of Colorado Leeds School of...
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    Finding a Job

    I know it hard for everyone to find a job but it is even harder if you are in college and a recreational user. Anyone have any ideas of cool jobs(No retail or fast food) for fellow toker? :nomo:
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