1. Dmanlee

    New to 420 and new to growing - Check out my journal and join me in my journey

    Join me on my adventure this is only my second grow and will be topping and lsting my 5 autoflower 2 Pineapple Kush 1 express 1 cheese and 1 Girl Scout cookies .. Should be fun stop In click some likes share some info and tips and just to chat .. Happy growing everyone Autoflowers...
  2. L


    What's up stoners growers and erybody else. I've been lurking around this forum for advice with my grow set up and I figured it was time to join up.
  3. M

    Newbie says Hi

    Excited to join the community and start learning and sharing , thanks for letting me join :Namaste:
  4. L

    All new 420 crew members and growers - Check this out - Join us

    Watsuuuuuup guys/girls, :welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome: Hope everythings smooth sailing your side .. If you a new member and are starting a new grow then this is the journal for you :thumb: Join us so we can share our knowledge and...
  5. S

    High everyone!

    All I would like to do is say hello to you guys, hope to join your discussion. Thanks a lot.
  6. G

    Hello from a total newb in Massachusetts

    Hello! Totally new to growing, and found this site to be incredible. I am honored to join, and have so many questions. What an exciting adventure, and I cant wait to start growing.
  7. Slynon

    G'day from Oz

    just thought id drop in and say hi Bein checkin 420 put and lov it cannt wait too join inn Still learning tho cheers Slynon:Namaste:
  8. G


    :420: like to say thank you for allowing me to join this wonderful group of smoker ppp my gf
  9. G

    Hello from Africa

    Hi Everybody, I just joined the site. Been frequenting for a while and growing for even longer. I feel I still have bunches to learn. So I decided to join and learn some more from others experiences and advice. Hopefully I will be able to contribute from my experience too. Tokey Toke...
  10. B

    Hi new member

    Just thought I thought I would introduce myself I am from the UK and grow for a couple of members of my family with MS. I have been a long time reader/browser but I thought I would now join in as it seems to be a really friendly site. :thumb:
  11. D

    I'm so glad to join the professional LED grow light forum

    Hi,guys,I'm newbie named David,I am so glad to join the professional LED grow light forum,i would like to share some really practical and professional information about LED grow light and other LED lighting products
  12. A


    Hi Everyone, I am new here. It really feels great to join this community.
  13. DukeMonroe

    Hello 420 Magazine!

    Hey guys and girls! I'm a male in his mid twenties and I've been smoking for at least 10 years. I've been reading 420mag for a while now and decided to finally join the forums! I had a first grow this year and am starting another one right now, I'll create my first grow journal for those...
  14. B

    How's it goin, eh!

    Hey fellow growers n tokers. I am from Canada and have read alot of great threads here and figured it was time to sign to join the site. Cheers!
  15. R

    Drug test (urine) in 1 week

    Hey people, i need some help ;) The thing is that for 3 weeks a go i smoked like 1-3g im not really sure how much it was, wasnt more than 3. Well next week I started to drink water. I took 30 cl each hour, I did that for 7 hours a day in 5 days. and the weekend I drinked alot of Pepsi, then no...
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