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    Iceman420's Sprouting Tulip Joints! Skunk#1 - White Walker Kush

    This was a suprise this morning when i woke up! Rolled to perfection This joint smoked better then normal joints that are perfectly rolled, i mean this thing did not run once not even in that big fart part we were calling the bulb, great stuff!Shoutout to Brandon the roll master
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    Iceman420's sprouting TULIP JOINTS!! Skunk#1,White Walker Kush

    My white walker kush is growing so well that its sprouting little tulip joints. lol Awesome looking tulip joint. It smoked better than a normal joint, it didnt run once even in the big fat part that we were calling the bulb of the flower. It also had a small hole on the inside of joint...
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    Joint Of The Day

    Hi Everyone Not sure if this thread is already here. I thought it would be nice too see some pics of the best joints you made and smoked for the day. Here is my one from this morning ,Durban Poison:
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