1. AscendedMasterKief

    Howdy y'all

    Been away from the internet a while, good to be back. Been working, saving up for a big 2000 mile move. Happy Equinox everyone! Anywho, this one's for 420mag community!
  2. 20211003_161005.jpg


    Roll, roll, roll your joint.
  3. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    He couldn't wait
  4. My Wake and Bake special

    My Wake and Bake special

    Joint of New York City Diesel x Lavender x Ja Goo flower with Blackberry Kush bubble hash , Romulan and Sunset Sherbet shatter .
  5. 3-foot long joints.jpeg

    3-foot long joints.jpeg

  6. Ron Strider

    MA: Marijuana Advocates Build 100-Foot-Long Joint In Worcester

    Marijuana enthusiasts busted out their smartphones to snap a picture of a massive, 100-foot-long joint on Saturday. The joint was unveiled at the Harvest Cup, an exhibition of pro-marijuana vendors and supporters at the DCU Center in Worcester. "First thought is, when do we get to smoke it...
  7. I

    Iceman420's Sprouting Tulip Joints! Skunk#1 - White Walker Kush

    This was a suprise this morning when i woke up! Rolled to perfection This joint smoked better then normal joints that are perfectly rolled, i mean this thing did not run once not even in that big fart part we were calling the bulb, great stuff!Shoutout to Brandon the roll master
  8. I

    Iceman420's sprouting TULIP JOINTS!! Skunk#1,White Walker Kush

    My white walker kush is growing so well that its sprouting little tulip joints. lol Awesome looking tulip joint. It smoked better than a normal joint, it didnt run once even in the big fat part that we were calling the bulb of the flower. It also had a small hole on the inside of joint...
  9. A

    Tobacco Substitute

    I'm looking for a substitute for tobacco in an oil joint that's legal to buy/import into Canada. Nothing that will add anything else to the joint but just be a base similar to what the tobacco is being used for. Any suggestions?
  10. OldSchool 64

    World's biggest Crop King Seeds joint

  11. Katelyn Baker

    CA: Joint Cannabis Committee Forming

    The Beaumont City Council will consider naming two members to a joint committee with neighboring Banning to study cannabis when it meets Tuesday, Aug. 2. Many cities have been looking at marijuana laws in the face of changing state laws and a November initiative that could legalize pot in the...
  12. Katelyn Baker

    Researchers Find Marijuana Amount In Average Joint - Figure Important For Drug Policy

    Researchers have recently estimated that an average marijuana joint contains only 0.32 grams (0.01 ounces) of cannabis and that is much lower than some previous estimates. While it may seem odd to try and ascertain the amount of cannabis in a joint, the researchers believe major policy decisions...
  13. Katelyn Baker

    One Of The Big Questions In Marijuana Research Has Been Answered

    0.32 grams. That's how much marijuana is in the typical American joint, according to a rigorous statistical analysis recently published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence by drug policy researchers Greg Ridgeway of the University of Pennsylvania and Beau Kilmer of the Rand Corp...
  14. R

    Marijuana Activists To Bring 51-Foot Inflatable Joint To White House

    Proponents of legal marijuana in Washington, D.C. plan to make their case in front of the White House on Saturday by having a "smoke-in," bringing with them a 51-foot inflatable joint. Organized by DCMJ, a group for local marijuana activists, the protest will begin on April 2 with...
  15. L

    Smoking better

    Hello people I'm new here and I hope my english is not too bad. I would like to ask you if you've got some special smoking techniques or something:D Or do you have a special way to build your joint so it gets stronger? Is there something to eat to increase the effect? I'm not the most...
  16. A

    Is it bad for my weed if I smoke in my grow room?

    Hi Guys! I wanted to ask if it´s bad for cannabis plants if i smoke in my grow room.? ( cigaretes and joints ) Kus i use to smoke ewerywhere even in my indoor thats why i ask...
  17. S

    Wandering Tweed, The Beginning of the Only Traveling Rolling Paper Salesmen

    How it all started... Well, it started when I realized that after being kicked out of high school at the age of 14, spending the next 5 years in 2 rehabs, 1 wilderness program, a bootcamp for 23 months and 2 years of homelessness and beatnik hitchhiking, that the ONLY way for me to earn an...
  18. in-cYst

    Bong or Joint?

    Which method do you guys like more? Its been an ongoing discussion with my friends and I. I personally prefer to take a bong hit, because I get baked quicker. How about you guys, with the question simply being: Bong Hit or a toke from a joint?
  19. KannabisKris

    Perfect way to kick off 4/20 with a Cross Joint!

    HAPPY SMOKE YOURSELF RETARDED DAY EVERYONE! :rollit::lot-o-toke::51::joint::rasta: the infamous Cross Joint :9: :rollit::lot-o-toke::51::joint::rasta: Happy 420~Much Love from the west coast. Any collectives looking to sponsor my boyfriend? He rides Freestyle Motocross. Check him...
  20. King Kilroy

    Hash Joint

    So i was thinking, Is it possible to make a joint wrapped in hash? Might sound stupid, but if there is a way that would be amazing. I have been a pipe and bong :bigtoke: person mainly, and im trying to get into joints :rasta:. Im practicing my rolling and just wanted to know if this is even...
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