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  1. Ron Strider

    WI: Packers Running Back Aaron Jones faces Marijuana-Related Charge

    Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones was arrested in early October and faces several charges after a traffic stop in which he admitted to smoking marijuana. Jones, 22, has pleaded not guilty to counts of speeding, driving without a valid license and operating a vehicle with a controlled...
  2. Ron Strider

    Admitted Carriers, CanaBOP Coming To California's Cannabis Industry

    The first admitted insurance carrier has filed to provide coverage to California's legal cannabis industry and several more carriers have stated their intent to file products, according to state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. It also appears that standardized insurance forms for the...
  3. Ron Strider

    Andrew Jones Says He Will Dominate The Hottest Slice Of The Marijuana Market

    Andrew Jones' company Connoisseur Concentrates has a marketing video on its website that can only be described as perplexing. For an hour and six minutes, Jones, clad in a white hoodie with the word "Crooks" silkscreened on the front, tells viewers how he's poised to dominate his industry...
  4. 2Crispy

    2Crispy, Rainbow Jones, Strawberry Cough, Purple Trainwreck & 1 Off Freebie Seeds

    Germinated a few seeds to get my summer grow ready. 2 Rainbow Jones, Connoisseur Genetics = GDP X Casey Jones 2 Strawberry Cough, Dutch Passion 2 Purple Trainwreck, Humbolt Seed Org = Mendo Purps X Trainwreck 1 Sag N Sour, TH Seeds (Freebie from Attitude seeds) 1 Royal Kush, G13 Labs...
  5. Ron Strider

    Stephen Jones Wants NFL To Re-Examine Marijuana Policy

    Could the NFL possibly change their stance on marijuana? Cowboys vice president and COO Stephen Jones hopes so. Some think the move would be good for the NFL. Others think the move would be especially good for the Dallas Cowboys. Either way, Stephen and his father Jerry clearly think there...
  6. K

    LucidMood Introduces Cannabis For The Non-User

    In states like Colorado, where the recreational use of cannabis is legal, the population is divided into two categories: those who use marijuana, and everyone else. LucidMood, a Boulder-based company, is hoping to bridge that gap with a product it bills as "cannabis for the rest of us."...
  7. K

    CO: Cripple Creek May Wager Bid As Legal Marijuana Hub

    Will future recreational marijuana outlets, including cannabis consumption clubs, become part of the gambling cards for Cripple Creek? This question, one of the prime issues facing the gaming community this year, is still commanding much attention at local meetings and is generating a fair...
  8. K

    CO: Is There Room In Cripple Creek For Marijuana?

    Cripple Creek, CO - Dr. John Jones lives in Colorado Springs but wants to move his family to Cripple Creek because of the city's culture. A culture he hopes to add to, he's pushing the city council to rewrite ordinances that don't allow places to consume marijuana. "If people to go to Cripple...
  9. K

    Group Files To Collect Signatures For Recreational Marijuana In Missouri

    Jefferson City, Mo. - There's an organized effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri. The Secretary of State's office has received an initiative petition to place the issue before voters. The Political Action Committee "Total Legalization" plans to start circulating a petition to...
  10. R

    Cannabis 2.0: Are Terpenes The Secret To Customizable Highs?

    Humming to himself, Charles Jones makes his way up a muddy hiking trail snaking through the Colorado foothills on an unseasonably warm winter day, his colleagues Dave Georgis and David Lohndorf following close behind. Part of the way up the trail, with the city of Boulder stretched below, Jones...
  11. B

    Casey Jones #3

    I've got 2 casey jones (by head seeds) plants growing which are 1 week old today. I'm running 12/12 from seed.
  12. R

    Australia: Medicinal Cannabis Users Fearful Of Arrest Seek Lift To Protest

    Medicinal cannabis users are looking for rides to a protest site on the New South Wales north coast, claiming they are too fearful to drive themselves. Supporters of the medical use of the drug believe they are vulnerable now police are doing frequent road-side saliva tests. Lismore...
  13. R

    Marijuana May Be Dominate In Michigan Politics In 2016

    There are three campaigns hoping to put legalization of recreational marijuana on the November ballot. Two of those groups – who appear to be raising significant money and have been collecting signatures for months – would tax and regulate marijuana for personal use for people 21 and older. A...
  14. J

    Marijuana Proposals Fight To Represent California's 2016 Legalization Effort

    With almost a year left until Election Day 2016, a slew of proposals to legalize marijuana are already being floated in California, ushering in a referendum not just on whether to legalize pot in the world's eighth largest economy, but how. "A lot of money is going to be spent and it's going...
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