1. Midwestcc420

    M.C.C. Blueberry Kush & Tropicana Cookies - Living Soil - 2022 Grow Journal

    So it's a little late to just be starting a grow journal. But I just recently discovered 420magazine, and I want to get a head start on my 50 posts. So that I can get in and cast my vote with the rest of the community. So this is my current grow. I'm currently in the 4th week of flower. I have 3...
  2. Ravenplume

    Ravenplume Grow Journal 2022 #1: X2022 - Multiseed Wildling 2019 Grow

    Here is my second grow journal for 2022. Doubt there will be a third this year, unless for some reason I decide to get the Sour Sunset opportunity seed that has been waiting as long as the Mr. Clean seed to get germinated growing. Probably saving that for next year. Got more than enough to...
  3. Ravenplume

    Ravenplume Grow Journal 2022 - #0 : Mr. Clean Lite from an Opportunity Seed

    Alright, I wasn't planning on doing any grow journals here this year, due to the facts of my journals being in video format, and I only link the BitChute versions (due to YouTube injecting ads into all my videos without my consent), plus all of my videos self sponsor and have a plug from me...
  4. blackclay

    BlackClay's GG4 s1, Banger Glue & Some Generic Autos, Peat, 2021

    GG4 S1, Banger glue, & some generic autos. Brief: I’m mainly growing following Dr. Bruce Bugbee and GreenGenes videos along with info I gather from the internet and here. its all duct-taped together. Things I would change right off the bat, (but feel free to add more if you see anything)...
  5. NannyBoo

    NannyBoo's Feminized Northern Lights, Indica, Outdoor Grow, 2021

    This is my first grow journal. But not my first grow ... I grew outdoors for many yrs then switched to indoors for a couple of yrs. Due to some medical issues I have not grown anything in 2-3 yrs and it is like starting all over again. Thank you for the platform to keep a journal (very cool)...
  6. Herby Green

    Acid Fem Indoor Soil 2020

    Doobie Newbie Alert yall Android format editing problem with Microsoft Notebook pasted here Sorry for the dreuling string of characters with no carriage returns Legal in Canada now all hippies & baby boomers retired & its naptime ACID FEM Day 1 5 Total Paradise Seeds from TNSBank 2 Seeds...
  7. Bush Doctor 77

    Dr Grinspoon SCROG

    I've been wanting to give the Doc a try, as it gets good reviews. I wasn't going to do a journal, but there seems to be some interest in the strain. Feminized seeds from Barney's Farm through Seedsman. I popped 3 seeds and got 2 phenos. One plant is much more Sativa dominant. Sunshine Mix No...
  8. CherryLola

    Small Space 1m x 1m Indoor Soil Grow! HPS & LED 10+ Plants!

    Alright guys, first journal, few grows done, still lots to learn. This run we have got strains from ‘Seedsman’ , ‘Positronic seeds’ , ‘the plant’ and a few unknowns, 1 auto flower in early stage of flower but might take out soon. Strains are 2 Sticky Dream - positronic seeds (gg4 x blue rhino)...
  9. ogpalm

    OG Palm's LED 2x4 Auto Grow

    What's up everybody, Hope you're all having a great weekend and an amazing year. It's ogpalm here and I haven't grown anything since last Spring. Just got a new place and I'm ready to get back to Kush farming. Lighting: So I now have (2) LED grow lights... 1.) Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000w LED...
  10. Black Cali Grape

    Black Cali Grape

    Germinate Date: Jan 21/20 Producer: Jordan of the Islands
  11. Bearded Budder

    BlackJack Auto, Accidental Purchase, And My First Journal

    AUGUST 18 BEGIN GERMINATION OF SEEDS Black Jack Autoflower (Dr. Seeds) Sativa dominant 70% Germination: 5 seeds (hope to sprout 4) Indoor grow details : (based on current growing environment) 5x5 Tent avg temp: 27 celsius avg RH 70 in veg (will be updated accordingly) Pro Mix soil 3 gallon...
  12. C

    Do I have a Cal/Mag deficiency?

    Hey there. I have a plant that is showing some sort of deficiency or multiple problems and I am thinking it might mainly be a calcium magnesium deficiency. Most of my plants have symptoms but one is effected much worst than the rest. All plants are being vegged. They are about 3 months old and...
  13. FoNz

    Northern Lights Autos: FoNz's Fabulous First Grow

    Hello everyone, First off I'm very excited to contribute here but also to learn from growers with experience in growing these intriguing plants! What brought me here was to have an outlet for sharing my grow setup and progress. This journal will follow my first Cannabis grow from it's current...
  14. P

    First Grow Journal

    This is my very first grow. I have taken pictures periodically through the process until now, which is about 12 weeks after germination. I still want to Veg for another week or so to fill out the screens. Strains are Mazar and Power Plant, both feminized. Soil is FFOF with 25% pearlite. Lights...
  15. A

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope you all have a great holiday with friends and family! Stay safe and happy growing!
  16. Bubbafreed

    4th Week: Day 22 From Seed

    Day 29 from seed all is going ok Tent 1 remains strong as below, I have some leaf damage / problems as shown (any solution /comments would be much appreciated) Tent 1, 1.2 by 1.2 Tent, Black Domini 2 & Creme Caramel 50 / 50. I have now turned these over to 12/12, 2 * 600 Bestva (New) Veg and...
  17. LED Soundsystem

    LED Soundsystem Grows With His Dad! 7 Strains In Soil With T5 & LED: Mars Hydro & Others

    Hello world! If anyone is reading this, first let me say thank you. I'm not much of a joiner (probably like most of you) but I've been lurking in the shadows for a few weeks and have been so inspired by the wealth of knowledge and cooperation in this community that I felt I had to be a part of...
  18. R

    GROWant G5 Hi-Par 800 Flowering Review By Remedy808

    Wuddup 420!! Here it is, as promised. My complete review, flowering start to finish, with the GrowANT G5 HiPAR series 800 watt led grow light! First of all, I would like to say that I am no way affiliated to any grow companies. I'm just an average guy, using my own money to grow my own...
  19. Kassquatch

    Kassquatch's First Time Early Miss Auto Fem Full Outdoor In Planter - May 2018

    First timer here! I started 2 seeds off on my own website doing a journal 3-4 weeks ago but I somehow (well I know how) killed 2 seeds because I do not have a green thumb. So I figured I will post here to a) get some tips, and b) show people just because why not. Before I get to my journal, I...
  20. E

    My 1st Grow: London White Widow

    Hello this is my 1st attempt at growing total noob here i am going to do a indoor grow using feminized white widow seeds. i am using 3x3m tent i have 5 gavita lights 600w inside the tent i plan on growing 20 plants using autopots system i am using a tornado box + rhino pro carbon filter...
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