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  1. steevtokes

    Steevtokes Soil Blueberry Trainwreck/Cierra Dream Journal 2012

    4'x4'x8' panda paper closet Bucket Size - 5 gallon Medium - FoxFarm OceanForest Lights - (1) 300w Diamond Series AdvancedLED (1) 15w far red spectraboost spotlight LED Filter - 6" MaxFan/6" Can-Lite Nutrients - FF Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom Strain(s) - Blueberry Trainwreck, Cierra...
  2. LoveVibez

    First Grow Yo! Indoor CFL - 2011

    :welcome:Salutations 420!:welcome: Hello everyone, long time lurker, finally got the "nutz" and ambition to start growing my own... well technically I finished with college and finally am in a place where I don't have to worry about other "ill-informed" people. I am starting out slow, but...
  3. Sy11UK

    Sy11uk's Pineapple Chunk + Unknown - Hydro/Soil 2011

    Hi, I'm well into my grow but thought I'd start a better late than never journal. This is my 1st grow and I've had many problems (mostly my own doing through inexperience) but I think I'm now getting there. I'll list details below before explaining the plants...
  4. lightbrite

    420 Lightbrite's 1st Grow Journal

    Well I thought I posted this just now but I can not find it I hope you are not going to see doubles of this. This is my first grow journal so please be patient with me. In this grow I am going to determin what medium I like to grow in. I have dirt and I am now for the first time trying out my...
  5. R

    Inbou's First Time Journal - Rose Bud Variety Pack - Soil - CFL/Fluorescent - Grow

    Hey guys XD, this is technically my 3rd grow after false starts and just sorta quitting. My first grow was a stealth PC box, it was going well, but i didn't maintain it, was too busy with school and what not. Decided i would end that one. The Second one I started was back in December, it was...
  6. C

    First Grow DWC Banana Kush and Purple Aurora

    Hey guys, This is my first grow and grow journal ever. I have 2 plants, one is Banana Kush and the other is Purple Aurora. here's a rundown of my setup- Lighting: 1 600W MH light for vegging 1 600W HPS light for flowering lights on 24h for veg and 12/12 for flower Monitors HM...
  7. H

    Finally grew some

    Balls that is, and joined this forum. I have been lurking for years but finally decided every on here was just so nice and knowledgable. I'm 20 and live in colorado, as a student, a gardener, and a medical patiecent. I came here in search of some advice and like most of you nug porn lol... I...
  8. H

    How High Am I?

    I'm reading this book called "How High Am I?" and thinking what a cool thread that could make. So, it starts with assessing how high you are and ranges from 1.) Not high at all to a middle 5.) Life is beautiful to a high - no pun intended - of 10.) Have you ever really looked at your hand...
  9. Prop19

    Prop19's Indoor/Outdoor 1st Grow Journal

    Hey Guys, I finally registered! After a while of reading other peoples' journals and entries i decided to join in the fun! This is my first attempt at growing so I have plenty to learn. Hopefully the people here at 420 magazine can help me along my journey! Thanks for stopping by and checking...
  10. H

    First Grow Every! Indoor Caramelicious Seeds in Soil

    Hi everyone! After RoorRipfor quite awhile I've decided to defray my herbage costs and attempt a small indoor grow. I've been following grow journals on this site for the past year and finally have gathered together the courage I need to get started. I ordered 10 Caramelicious seeds online...
  11. 4

    Strawberry Cough and Cheese Outdoor Grow

    Hello this is 420Chic, I also have an outdoor grow going on. I have to Cheese plants that I bought as clones. Then there is the Strawberry Cough, that girl and I have some history together. Soooooooooo....... So I started her and 4 other seeds all fem strawberry cough. Very first grow...
  12. HolySpicoli

    My first grow. Does everything look good?

    Would like some opinions please. First grow, these looking OK? 25 days into flowering on 12/12. Soil grow, 7 females out of 9, boys are long gone. 400w HPS, had MH for veg. :thanks:
  13. E

    EmElla's First Grow, CFL, Bagseed, Fox Farms

    Hey there guys, Okay so this is my first grow and I really wanted to document my journey along the way. So here are my supplies: 6 43 watt 6500k daylight CFLs in those clamp light things (will be switching these out for diff. temp when flowering) Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil with added MG...
  14. I

    IdTokeThats experimental 12/12 from seed journal.

    Okay, so ive had terrible luck in the past, once my house was broken into and my plants were cut and died because of the stress, and another death because of a transplanting error which led to death.:rolleyes3: But, since then ive moved- and now i want to try an experimental grow. :rollit...
  15. Chimera

    Chimeras White Widow Garden (First Grow)

    Hello my gardening friends. So here's the story. I'm attempting my first grow here! I have a girlfriend with an auto-immune disease who uses medicinally. Figured I'd save some money for the both of us and grow my own! I'm a total noob, and I'm sure to make many most heinous mistakes. That's...
  16. O

    New Grow, Need suggestions on set up

    I will be doing an indoor grow using the following: 6 x 600 watt HPS ( Sodium Bulbs) Not sure on reflectors yet In soil hand water (open to suggestions) Indica, Kush plants The room will be built to any size needed to run 6 x 600 watt system, with area to move around to access all...
  17. UntamedFox

    My First Grow... Afgan x Mazar

    Hey guys and gals :peace: Welcome to my journal! Over the next 3 months, I plan to grow and cultivate my "first" plant! "First" is in quotes because I started about a week ago, and accidentally burnt the leaves by leaving a light too close. Luckily the plant was only a week old, so I thought...
  18. F

    Lowryder #2 grow journal

    Ok, this is my first grow, i have 3 lowryder#2 that are budding, and 5 jack frost, 3 fem. hashplant, 1 super crystal, 1 fem. afghan kush special, and 2 really good bagseed. I also have a g13xh.p. that a friwnd gave me. In this thread, we will be concentrating on the lowryder#2. I am using a 600w...
  19. H

    Bubba Kush & Blueberry Journal - Hydro

    :peace:This is a grow in a bedroom with a closet for medical purposes::peace: Plant Strains: True Blueberry Bubba Kush AK47 (being phased out I think) What I'm attempting/methods: Overall: Hydro grow with CFL's MH and HPS all in one room - Perpetual or SOG /SCROG. I am using soil for my...
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