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  1. K

    Back At It Again! Master Kush & Sour Diesel

    What’s sup everybody I’m back at it again. Last year sadly my grow died before I could get any goods. I’ve been mourning it all winter until now. I’m excited to show you guys my grow after 3 weeks in soil. Let me know what you guys think. Look forward to hearing from anyone. Dakushios
  2. Bubbafreed

    4th Week: Day 22 From Seed

    Day 29 from seed all is going ok Tent 1 remains strong as below, I have some leaf damage / problems as shown (any solution /comments would be much appreciated) Tent 1, 1.2 by 1.2 Tent, Black Domini 2 & Creme Caramel 50 / 50. I have now turned these over to 12/12, 2 * 600 Bestva (New) Veg and...
  3. Bubbafreed

    Bubba Freed Grow Journal: 3rd Week Day 22 From Seed

    So Day 20 from seed, water is getting to be every other day, I need to invest in a reservoir (water storage) and potentially a backpack sprayer and free flow style nozzle rather than pesticide nozzle to get water flow out better, as whilst I like the control of spraying (watering the plants) it...
  4. B

    Northern Light Auto - LED UFO 90W + LED 20W - Soil - 2nd Grow

    Hi stoners & growers all around the world :Namaste: :welcome: In september 2014 one of my friend brought me a NYC diesel feminized from Amsterdam. I decided growing it and got me really interested into the growing process. Especially that at that time i was in grade 12 biology classes. I was...
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