1. TorturedSoul

    Grow Journals - Feedback

    I wish that all of the grow journals on this forum were in one of the three Grow Journal sections.
  2. ThatOneGuyy

    Back From The Dead - Starting My Journey All Over Again

    So it has been many years since i've been on here but I am proud to say I'm back! I've learned so much and had a ton of help along the way. I have had a few journals on here and I plan on starting anew. I am in the process of getting my new equipment and setting things up. Maybe if some...
  3. M

    It would be great to split this forum into outdoor & indoor journals

    Trying to find the kind of journals that interest me, and my own, are always such a hassle to find. There are so many active threads. I for one would like to see the journals split into Outdoor/Indoor. What are your thoughts?
  4. Teddy Edwards

    Questions & Answers - DIY LED Journals

    With the LED grow light market maturing, and consumers becoming more knowledgeable, there's a trend towards growers assembling their own panels from separate components. As a result, we have had to develop a policy to deal with these journals: we always have to watch out for non-sponsor LED...
  5. wanabegrower

    Adding journals in progress links in my post

    title says it all lol. how do i add my journals at the bottom of my post. i keep posting pics and i keep getting same reply start a grow journal. well i did not i need help adding it to posts.
  6. G

    Feedback on Grow Journals

    Hello friends. I just joined and—right off the bat—I have some feedback that has been making me furious in every forum and each thread within them. Grow Journals are a beautiful thing. I consume a bunch of them, I am most certain they are a substantial part of what people are looking for when...
  7. D

    Completed DGT's First Grow - LED - Flowering

    Hey 420 community this is my first post here, have been reading so many journals the last few months I thought I would make one myself. I'll be blogging my journals so all the info is in one spot, don't know if I am doing it right but I'll give it a go. All info about the grow is in the blog...
  8. S

    New to 420

    Merry christmas from the newbie! Looking forward to all the great advice from others here . Looked at some of the journals and wow they are awesome. Great work guys!
  9. T

    DIY Wardrobe Conversion - One Day Project

    This will be my first post on :420:, i appreciate any feedback/tips and advice. I have read so many grow and build journals here, So i thought i would dive in and sign up so i could create my own journals. This DIY journal is just to get used to posting and formatting correctly so i am well...
  10. S

    Abandoned My First Grow 125w CFL - Auto Critical

    hey , well here we go, my first grow and my first journal..... so on taking advice from mono about the size of the grow space and lack of light i decided to only grow two plants instead of three.. going to make a kind of reflective wall to cut the size of the grow space. still planning on...
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