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    AK: Marijuana Donated To JDCM

    Juneau – The Juneau-Douglas City Museum accepted a donation of one gram of marijuana purchased from Rainforest Farms, the first smoke shop to open in Juneau. The donation was made by former Capital City Weekly editor and current Juneau Empire state reporter James Brooks. Brooks purchased the...
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    AK: Juneau's First Marijuana Sale Goes Without A Hitch

    Even the mayor was there. On Wednesday night, Rainforest Farms made the first legal sale of marijuana in Juneau and the first in Alaska off the state's road system. The sale took place at an invite-only opening for Juneau's first retail marijuana shop, but when more than 50 smiling people...
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    AK: What It Takes To Start A Marijuana Business In Juneau

    With several Juneau marijuana businesses at various stages of the permitting process, the local marijuana retail industry could get underway fairly soon. "We're at a point where we're getting very, very close to seeing marijuana on retail shelves in the capital city," Juneau Assemblyman Jesse...
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    Marijuana Test Labs Move Forward In Juneau, Bringing Hope To Growers

    One of the last pieces of the puzzle may soon be in place for Juneau's marijuana industry. Marijuana testing facilities are moving forward in Alaska's capital, welcome news for Juneau's growers and manufacturers, who will see a small part of their risk melt away with the presence of local...
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    Company Applies To Be Juneau's First Pot-Testing Laboratory

    A Juneau company has applied to be the first marijuana testing business in Alaska's capital. The Juneau Empire reports Southeast Alaska Laboratories LLC has applied for a city conditional use permit and a state marijuana establishment license. Glacier Analytics, another potential testing...