1. E

    K-Train Leaf Claw

    Hey there, Can anyone tell me why my leaves are clawed? Is it normal for this strain? Or is it nitrogen toxicity or something else? It s been under cfl lights, pre mixed medium, temp never goes above 32 and its about 3 weeks old. ( K-train) Thank you...
  2. G

    Completed Greenergrass - Coco Closet Grow - K-Train & G13

    This is my first grow journal I have grown a few times before mostly in soil once in hydro, please forgive my mistakes as i am new to this site any feedback is appreciated. OK so here is some basic information for a start Strain- k-train x2 G-13 Haze x2 (4 plants in total) K Train is a...
  3. MissBud

    Completed MissBud and Her K-Train

    Hello again 420!!:cheer2::circle-of-love::circle-of-love::adore::high-five: This is my second grow, the first one would not have been possible without all of your guys and gals help:adore: well...here goes round 2!!!:high-five::cheer2::Love: What strain is it? K-Train (OG kush X Trainwreck)...
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