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  1. H

    BAC products, not sure how to use them

    I was given a bottle of "zeegras" kelp and a bottle of "BAC Daily" for free from my local hydroponic store, but the bottles have very little information on them. All I know is that I told my guy that I wanted to try adding kelp and micro organisms to my next grow and he said I can have these...
  2. SDPrestigeResearch

    Kelp Discussion & Experiment: Test It Yourself!

    Hello to all you growers! I have been doing a lot of research as well as planning many tests on different brands of kelp and have been focusing my time to see which kelp products really benefit the Cannabis plant. I want to hear your feedback to see what others have seen with their grows or...
  3. VC seaweed.jpg

    VC seaweed.jpg

    VC and seaweed
  4. seaweed drying.jpg

    seaweed drying.jpg

  5. 1141349A-7A1F-4677-8409-3A8AC2F72CD0.jpeg


  6. A

    What is this? Kelp like stuff in bottom of DWC

    It looks like kelp almost, formed in a week, it's a brown like slime... any ideas???
  7. E

    Beneficials! As Above As Below! KELP for ALL (even us)

    Simple!. Helps establish above soil Root systems in mature plants.Mine is like 5/10. In late stages tho! Im talkin roots sprouting 2-3" up the stalk WHAT!?!?! light on the ROOTS? My theory is that at this point they have an environmental extremity such as trees that grow roots above ground...
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